A couple of weeks ago I met an avid young knitter named Sarah at Natural Stitches in Pittsburgh.


Sarah mentioned to me that she had knitted a bunch of tiny Disney characters. I had no idea what a feat this was until she sent me a photo!


How sweet are these little guys!? Look closely and you’ll probably be able to figure out who all of them are are. I love how thoughtful Sarah is with the little details that make a character unmistakable.

I’m always impressed by younger knitters—they seem to have a natural sense of adventure and experimentation, qualities that I try to achieve with my own work, but that take a lot of effort for me sometimes. (I also want to stress that I would be impressed with Sarah’s work even if she were my age!)

You can find a few more of Sarah’s designs, including free patterns for an octopus and a duck, on her blog A Little Bit to Knit.

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