Super-Scary Mochimochi is half off this month!


Creepy Peepers

I think it’s been established that I prefer basic black when it comes to eyes. I like how big black eyes are cute, but also can be mysterious and even creepy—you can almost read whatever you like into them. But when I was designing the Thwickeds, which were partly inspired by Jenny Harada’s plushes (who More >

Typoqween’s Halloween Goodie Bags

Look what’s popped up in the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group! Cute little Halloween-themed gift bags by Typoqween. The patterns for candy corn, heart, and Baby Gator are available for free right here on the Mochimochi Blog. The pattern for the Bitty Witch is in Super-Scary Mochimochi, which is half off this month! The tiny pumpkin More >