Hello 2020 and a Tiny Rat Giveaway

Happy Lunar New Year!

It’s the year of the rat, a great reminder to be active, social, and resilient. And if resilient to you means eating your way through a block of cheese and then making it your temporary home, go for it, you beautiful rat!

Through February 13th, take 20% off of all PDF patterns*, books, kits, and needles with the code HELLO2020

Would you like a tiny rat pattern? I’m working on it! For the time being, I’m doing a tiny rat giveaway on Instagram—check out this post and see how to enter.

* Discount does not apply to the Tiny Mochis Collection 6 pattern download, because the proceeds from the sales are going to supporting Australian wildlife relief this month.

Tiny Ms. Claus Ravelry update

UPDATE: Ravelry listings have been fixed (thank you, Editors!), and all who requested her should now have the Ms. Claus pattern in their libraries. Thank you for your patience!

A little update on Tiny Ms. Claus, for those of you who requested her on Ravelry:

The pattern wasn’t showing up when I tried it add it to my shop on the backend (so that it could be purchased on Ravelry and also gifted to those who requested it), so I created a duplicate pattern listing, which did allow me to list it in the shop. I’ve submitted a request that the two pattern listings be merged, so that the knitter photos from the original listing will be connected. I’m not confident that this won’t mess with the uploaded pattern, though, so I’m waiting for that merge to happen before I send it out via Ravelry.

Anyone who has insight on this merge process, I’d love your input on the situation! Thank you all for your patience!

Heartbreaking Loss in Australia

I wish we could knit our way out of the crisis in Australia, but it’s going to take more. If we want a chance to prevent this from happening more and more, we need to prioritize fighting climate change in our lives and politics. ⁣

If you’d like to knit a koala, I’ll donate the proceeds from sales of the pattern collection this month to wildlife rescues in Australia.

Free Pattern: Little Dreidel

This is an intermediate-level knitting pattern for everyone to enjoy. Please check out the Mochimochi Shop for more patterns that you’ll love!

A quick handmade Hanukkah gift, this knitted dreidel actually works!

Techniques included I-cord and knitting in the round on double-pointed needles. Fingering-weight yarn is recommended, but sport and worsted weight yarn should also work great—use needle size that’s 3-4 sizes down from the general recommendation for the yarn you’re using.

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Naked Ms. Claus Mod

Make your Ms. Claus even merrier!

Make a leg by casting on 4 stitches and knitting 2 rows of I-cord. Break the yarn and make another leg, without breaking the yarn this time. Join the legs by knitting them together into a round. (This is the same way you start the tiny santa pattern.)

Increase to 16 stitches in the next round, then 24 stitches in the following round. Then work the pattern as originally written starting with Round 3, using only the skin color yarn, and changing all purl stitches to knit stitches.

Naked Ms. Claus will turn out a bit bigger than a clothed version. If you want them the same size, you can skip a couple of knit rounds in her lower half. Embroider a butt crack and a belly button with black, pulling the stitches tightly for body contours.

Don’t forget her modesty apron!

Holiday Shipping Announcement

Today (Wednesday 12/18) is the day to order physical stuff from my shop for delivery by Christmas! Use Priority shipping in the US to guarantee it. ⁣


Of course, PDF patterns are always instant, printable downloads and make awesome gifts too! ⁣

All orders placed 12/21-12/29 will be shipped by 1/3.

Ms. Claus Giveaway!

For those who can’t knit their own, I’m giving away FOUR Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi Ms. Clauses knit by me! ⁣
Four of them because they’re family: mother, daughter, cousin, and an aunt who lives a “clothes optional” lifestyle. ⁣

To enter to win one of these holiday heroines, please write a charming Ms. Claus-themed poem in the comments to this post on Instagram. I’ll choose my four favorites on Monday 12/16!