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In the Tent with Anna Sui

I stumbled into a chance to go to the Anna Sui Fall 2010 show at Bryant Park yesterday! It was fun to be in one of the tents with all the fashion industry insiders. (Myself, I was wearing jeans and a sweater with cat hair on it.)

I only had my phone camera with me, so I took home some blurry shots of glowing models. This is the best one, from the end of the show.


The show itself was really fun – I’ve never worn Anna Sui before, but almost everything on the runway had me thinking “I would totally wear that.” There was a lot of knitwear mixed in the collection, and I found a photo of my favorite piece on (where you can see photos of the full show).


I so want that pinky purple mountain sweater set!

Tips for a Great Photo

Have you entered this year’s Mochimochi Photo Contest yet? If so, you are all right by me! If not, here are some tips on how to take a great photo. (You have until November 16th to enter!)

Use natural light when possible


image by

Natural sunlight will give you a nice, bright image, which will also help make your photo as sharp as possible. The best kind of natural light is soft and indirect, like the light you get on a slightly overcast day.

If shooting with artificial light, steady your camera

If you need to shoot using artificial light, turn off your flash—flash usually makes some parts of your photo too bright, and it also creates harsh shadows. Instead, light your subject as brightly as possible, and make your camera as steady as possible by placing it on a surface like a table or a stack of books.


image by giolou

If you’re using a regular point-and-shoot digital camera, you’re probably using automatic focus. If you’re shooting something up close and your camera doesn’t seem to be focusing the way you want it to, see if your camera has a “macro” setting that will let you focus in on something close-up. (On my camera, it’s a button with an icon that looks like a flower.)

Those are just some technical basics for how to take a good photo. But how do you take a good photo for the Mochimochi Photo Contest specifically? Here are a few ideas!

Tell a story

Some of my favorite photos of Mochimochi Land toys are the ones that show a story unfolding, either in a single photo or in a series of photos. Who is your toy and what is he or she doing in their environment? Epic battles and love stories are espcially fun.

Combine different toys for maximum cuteness


image by mariannes stuff

Unorthodox pairings make for interesting subject matter!

Multiples are adorable


image by Purple Heather

Enough said, right?

Make the design your own

It’s true—some people’s versions of Mochimochi Land toys are way more interesting than the original! Don’t hesitate to embellish a pattern with your own touches or even alter the design a bit (just not beyond recognition) to make something unexpected.

Cute animals don’t hurt!


image by teekayknits

Got a cute doggie or kitty? Or some chickens, perhaps? Everyone wants to see them alongside a funny toy.

Those are just a few tips and suggestions (and super example photos) to jump-start your own creative photo ideas. Feel free to adhere to the above, or try something completely different. Got other photo tips? Please share them in the comments to this post!

Boos are Better in Twos

… or threes, or fours! I couldn’t resist posting a few more adorable Boos on Halloween.

Two blue Boos from katbetty:

These three Boos from kadootje are named Betty, Beatrice, and Benedict (beautiful!):

One likes its wings closed, and one likes them open! from eaglechic:

“The Boos Brothers” fron Najwa:

A snuggly pair with holiday buttons from twill:

A trio of kooky Boos from lulubelle:

FOUR Boos from fibercrafter:

A lovely duo made of Lamb’s Pride yarn from CoriInKansas:

And another cute quadruple from wrchili!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

You Bazaar this Sunday in SF

Are you in or near San Francisco this weekend? If so, make plans to visit You Bazaar this Sunday at Golden Gate Park for lots of plush vendors and rotating workshops.


The free event will kick off the Plush You SF Show at Double Punch, which opens Friday, November 7th. (That’s where you can see my couches!)

You Bazaar San Francisco
Sunday, November 2nd
10 am – 5 pm
San Francisco County Fair Building
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Autumnal Boos

By special request from my parents for a friend of theirs who is a Halloween fanatic, I made some Boos in autumn colors last week. I love them!


In addition to Yahtzee, these Boos are fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The Boo projects up on Ravelry now number 57 and counting! There are so many fantastic pics there that I might have to post many of them before Halloween.