Author: Anna

Mochimochi Land is Here for You!

No one is having a normal time right now. For us, John and I are lucky enough to be able to focus on our kids most of the time and squeeze in a little work when we can while we’re sheltering in place in our Chicago home. So I’ll likely be spending a bit less time on social media (at least, less time on the creation end of things), and orders of physical goods may ship out a bit slower than usual. But my basement is my office/studio/shipping headquarters, so I don’t have to go far to take care of business when needed!

I’ll likely be sharing some classic cute and happy Mochimochi Land animations and patterns and things for a while instead of creating new content. And instead of working all night, I’m planning to read books and watch movies with my “me” time. Self care is paramount right now!

Stay safe, stay kind, and if your job allows it, please stay in right now! Our heart-knitting gnome won’t be taking a break. (You can share him and all my other happy GIFs via my GIPHY page.)

Ducks in a row

Spring is here! I thought you might like to knit a duck or two, or fifty. A tiny duck army may be just what some of us need.

Duck-a-Luck is an intermediate-level, almost-seamless pattern that is worked in the round. It uses several fun techniques to keep you on your webbed toes, including picking up and knitting stitches, 3-needle bind-off, and a pinch of mattress stitch. Any yarn will work—you’ll just need small amounts of 2 colors, plus a bit of black for eyes.

For the time being, I’m offering the PDF pattern at the Mochimochi Shop at three price levels: $1, $5, and $10. It’s also available on Ravelry for $5.  

Remember to tag your duck photos with #mochimochiland for us all to see! 

🦆 🦆 🦆 🦆 🦆

Leaping Leprechauns!

We could all use a little extra luck these days, right? Make your own with the Tiny Leprechaun and Friends pattern collection! It’s available as a PDF download from the Mochimochi Shop and from Ravelry.

Use the code ALITTLELUCK for $1 off the pattern collection through March 17th! (Code works at both Mochimochi Land and Ravelry.)

As always, this Good Luck Clover pattern is available for free!

🍀 🌈 🍀 🌈 🍀 🌈 🍀 🌈 🍀 🌈 🍀

You can share the GIF above via GIPHY, and here’s new a BONUS sticker you can insert into messages and comments and Instagram stories.

(Find and use it by searching for MOCHIMOCHILAND and STICKER on Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Tiny Koalas Here to Help

Thanks to you knitters, we raised $2,333.50 AUD for wildlife rescue in January! The money went to WIRES and Animals Australia 🐨 ❤️ (Thanks to Jenna and Melodye for the tips!)⁣

I hope you’ll also join me in prioritizing the environment in daily life and in politics. That’s our only chance to prevent more of the kind of awful climate disasters like the one that continues in Australia right now. ⁣

These tiny koalas made by Instagram knitters pikosew, northridgecottage, porchcatknits, knittedbyviv, omlair, rubyinstitches, ninette.craps, nutmegknitter, and bliss-yarns 💙
If anyone would like to raise funds for Australian wildlife or people affected by fires by selling tiny Koalas made from my pattern (found in my Tiny Mochis 6 Collection), please go ahead!

Hello 2020 and a Tiny Rat Giveaway

Happy Lunar New Year!

It’s the year of the rat, a great reminder to be active, social, and resilient. And if resilient to you means eating your way through a block of cheese and then making it your temporary home, go for it, you beautiful rat!

Through February 13th, take 20% off of all PDF patterns*, books, kits, and needles with the code HELLO2020

Would you like a tiny rat pattern? I’m working on it! For the time being, I’m doing a tiny rat giveaway on Instagram—check out this post and see how to enter.

* Discount does not apply to the Tiny Mochis Collection 6 pattern download, because the proceeds from the sales are going to supporting Australian wildlife relief this month.

Tiny Ms. Claus Ravelry update

UPDATE: Ravelry listings have been fixed (thank you, Editors!), and all who requested her should now have the Ms. Claus pattern in their libraries. Thank you for your patience!

A little update on Tiny Ms. Claus, for those of you who requested her on Ravelry:

The pattern wasn’t showing up when I tried it add it to my shop on the backend (so that it could be purchased on Ravelry and also gifted to those who requested it), so I created a duplicate pattern listing, which did allow me to list it in the shop. I’ve submitted a request that the two pattern listings be merged, so that the knitter photos from the original listing will be connected. I’m not confident that this won’t mess with the uploaded pattern, though, so I’m waiting for that merge to happen before I send it out via Ravelry.

Anyone who has insight on this merge process, I’d love your input on the situation! Thank you all for your patience!