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I-cord Legs Tutorial

Start knitting a little two-legged friend with this tutorial showing two versions of I-cord legs! This is the technique I use when knitting pretty much any tiny humanoid creature. Skip to 6:30 for the technique that divides the stitches of each leg onto 2 DPNs before joining.

How to: 3-Needle Bind Off

This technique is used in patterns for the tiny narwhal, the Thwickeds and the tiny parrot, among others.

This technique is a super easy way to bind off live stitches for a neat seam that grafts the stitches together. It’s a common knitting technique, but I’m sharing a tutorial of my own because my technique is different from most. (I don’t turn the knitting inside out first, because most of my patterns are constructed out of closed shapes that can’t be turned right side out again.)

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