How to: Make a Mini Pom-Pom

Next to knitting, my favorite thing to do with yarn is pom-pom making! You can use them as cute decorations and embellishments for toys.

This simple fork method is great for making mini pom-poms. You’ll just need some yarn (I recommend worsted-weight yarn, such as Cascade 220), a fork, and some scissors. Let’s get started!

1. Cut a piece of yarn a few inches in length, and place it between the middle tines of the fork.


2. Wrap the yarn about 30 times around the middle of the fork, making sure that the piece of yarn stays separate, between the tines.


3. The the separate piece of yarn around the wrapped bunch.


4. Slide the bunch off the fork, and tighten the knot around it. Making it as tight as possible, tie the bundle in a square knot.


5. Cut the middles of all the resulting loops.


6. Trim the ends all around until you have a cute round pom-pom. You’re done!


Use mini pom-poms for a Deck the Walrus hat or a Generosi-tree topper!


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