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Arise, Creepy Kittens!


The time has come to knit something spooky. Something ookie. Something cozy and squozy and vaguely feline. Spooky Ookie Cats are (vampire) bite sized, intermediate-level projects designed to satisfy all your October cravings for snuggles and weirdness.

Knit a Guitar Case Cat ⚰️, Ghostie Cat πŸ‘», Jack-o-Cat πŸŽƒ, and Itchy Witchy Hat Cat 🎩 in a just few hours each with this collection. Dust off your spookiest yarn scraps for these projects! The PDF download is now available from the Mochimochi Shop and Ravelry.

Thank you to Marilyn Passmore for her tech editing, and to Linda, Rebecca, and Amanda for test knitting!

Sophie and Chanel at Home

Sophie and Chanel have been staying home during the pandemic. Would you like to see what they’ve been up to for six months?


They spent about a month staring at each other. Or maybe it was two months. Hard to remember.


Then they made a game of rearranging the furniture.


Sunday evenings are for cuddles.


At one point, it really didn’t feel safe unless everyone was wearing a mask. Makes it a little hard to see what’s on TV though.


This is what they do when they get tired of staring at each other.


There have been some dark days, and a whole lot of screen time, but they’re happy that they at least have each other.

Stay safe, everyone!

Some Not-Crappy News

9/2/20 Update: August’s funds ($150) are going to Co-Prosperity Sphere’s Bridgeport Community Kitchen. Thank you!

7/31/20 Update: $1,660 raised for Chicago food pantries to date!
The portion you helped raise in July (just over $200) went to MASK (Mothers Against Senseless Killing) for their August baby supplies pantry drive. Thank you!

🐦 First, thanks to your Bluebirds of Crappiness pattern purchases, we raised another $430 for Chicago food pantries in June. That makes a total of $1,455 raised in two months! I’m dividing this month’s proceeds between Care for Real and I Grow Chicago. ⁣⁣
🐦 And second, now people who don’t knit can purchase a Bluebird of Crappiness made by me! Each bluebird will have its own unique colors and hairdo. Half of the proceeds from sales of these knitted bluebirds will go to Chicago pantries.
Thank you for helping us support our Chicago community!

Handmade Mobility for MVG

Here’s what happened when the Munich Transport Corporation asked us to mochi-fy their fleet!

This was such a fun project that really stretched my knitting and animation skills. It’s a wonder what can be done with wool.

Thanks to Kristina Krienke. And to John Teti, Maureen Boyle, Brandi and Mike Simons, and KOKO Art Agency for their help with this project!