Nickelodeon spots from 2013

Ten years ago I got to work with an incredible team of creative people at Nickelodeon to make a collection of network IDs for the holidays. It was the opportunity of a lifetime and an experience I’ll cherish forever.

Together we came up with the concepts and I worked like crazy to knit up a ton of characters and props, including some Nick stars that I got to render in yarn. 🤩 Then we did an intense 2-day shoot in Times Square to make the stop-motion magic happen.

I remember feeling bittersweet when it was over, because this unique educational and affirming experience was coming to an end, and also because it coincided with my move from NYC to Chicago. It was quite a way to say goodbye to the city!

Then, incredibly, I DID get to work with them again the following year, although the next time I stayed in Chicago and shipped my knits out to the team, who then animated them in NYC.

So much gratitude to Matthew Dunteman, who made the whole thing happen. And to Steph Shank, who was the brilliant mind behind much of it, including those adorable 2-D clips!