Category: Worn Things

Clearance Shoes

Sometimes the coolest stuff in the store is in the clearance aisle. Especially at the Tulsa DSW, where fashion-forward shoes don’t seem to be the most desired.

I found shiny tie-dye-style Steve Maddens…

..and all shoes of this style of CL by Laundry were regular price except for these mustard lovelies.

I don’t usually get pumped about shoe shopping, but cheap plus cute equals yay!

Of course, I found the real shoe bargain earlier in my trip, but probably somebody has snatched those up by now.

Oh Dress

I got this cool new dress a week ago AND it was on sale, then the weather immediately turned chilly and rainy for, like, the next 12 years.


So here I am wearing it around the apartment in my socks, taking pictures of it in the bathroom because I just can’t wait for another 80-degree day.