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Free Pattern: Tiny Pussy Hat


Granny’s going to a march this weekend! Here’s a simple pattern for you to knit as a good luck charm for you or for someone you’re supporting:

Cast on 20 sts, distribute onto 3 DPNs.
Work one round in [K1, p1] rib.
Knit 4 rnds.
Next rnd: [Kfb] twice, k6, [kfb] 4 times, k6, [kfb] twice (28 sts).
Divide the sts onto 2 DPNs, and bind off with kitchener stitch.

The hat should fit tiny mochis like the granny, Knit Kit and Purl Girl, and more!

This hat was inspired, of course, by the #pussyhatproject.

Crocheted Abode a la Mode Giveaway Winner

Thank you for sharing your mouth-watering creations, everyone! We got 55 comments on the post with Twinkie Chan’s interview. And our randomly-selected winner of Twinkie Chan’s new book, Crocheted Abode à la Mode, is…

Commenter number 55, Barbara!

I sewed a huge donut in the 8th grade. It was a giant pillow for my bedroom and it took bags and bags and bags of stuffing.

I love that this giant donut maker is our winner! I have a feeling that the book will not be wasted on Barbara.


Thank you to Twinkie Chan and to her publisher, Creative Publishing International, for making the giveaway possible. Now everyone who isn’t Barabara, go buy Crocheted Abode à la Mode!

Get $2 Off Tiny Hatchlings Pattern through 3/28

Update: I’m extending this discount to run through the end of March. Happy springtime knitting!

Hi everyone! It’s me, back from maternity leave! The past three months have been a wonderful whirlwind in Baby Land, but it’s exciting to be back into Mochimochi Land. I have so much to update and so much to catch up on!

But for now I wanted to quickly share a discount just in time for easter: Get $2 off the Tiny Hatchlings pattern with the code HATCH at checkout in the Mochimochi Shop.


Tiny Hatchlings are quick little knits perfect for last-minute making and nestling into an Easter basket.


Not that candy isn’t dandy, but it’s nice to have a little something handmade in the mix, right?

If you’re looking for more Easter and springtime patterns, here’s a handy list:

Tiny Baby Bunnies (free)
Dust Bunnies (easy and quick)
Which Came First (interactive)
Ninjabun (interactive)
Harriet and Hayden (sheep-y)

9th Annual Photo Contest: The Big Vote!

Update: Thank you for all the votes—we got more than 700 of them! Stay tuned for the results soon.

Voting week has arrived! After much deliberation, John and I have selected 12 finalists from the hundreds of photos entered in the 9th Annual Mochimochi Photo Contest.

Presenting your top 12 photos!


Which of these, in your opinion, are the cutest, funniest, most original photos of Mochimochi toys? Cast your ballot below! To help make things fair, we’re asking that everyone please vote only one time, but PLEASE VOTE FOR AT LEAST TWO PHOTOS. You can vote for even more—as many as you like!

The poll will be open through this weekend, and we’ll announce the top three winners, along with the top video winner (selected by us), soon thereafter. Update: If you’re having trouble with the poll on your phone or tablet, try the mobile-friendly version!


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Back Page Contest Winner

It was very hard to choose a winner of our Back Page Contest—so many of you found clever ways to use the 2-dimensional landscape page from Adventures in Mochimochi Land. (I knew you guys would come through big time!)

So John and I had a big debate about it last night, and we finally settled on…

Gummy Bear Photo Bomb by Tara!


We loved the way that this image plays with the idea of a photo itself, and it has so much energy and humor.

Congratulations, Tara! You win this awesome collection of books from Potter Craft and Potter Style.


I’ll be contacting you via Flickr for your mailing address.

Of course, we were smitten with lots of other photo entries, so here are some highly deserved honorable mentions.

One way to get a kite out of a tree by KnitWit685


Travel Agent Squidy by Michelle


The Photo Shoot by juleenbean


Photographer Eddie by Salla Ahola

backpage_salla border=

(We liked the caption to this one: Nature photography proved to be too challenging for Eddie. The birds were just flying around and posing behind his back.

Big thanks again to everyone who entered this contest. We’ll have our big annual photo + video contest coming up in a couple of months (with even more awesome crafty prizes), so please stay tuned for that!

Halo Amok vs Chihuli

On Sunday I got to visit friends in Oklahoma City—amazingly, it was my first visit there in about 12 years, even though I make trips to Oklahoma often. It was wonderful to experience the new vitality the city seems to have, and the highlight of the day was visiting the Oklahoma City Museum of Art for the first time. My timing was perfect, because they currently have an incredibly fun large-scale puppet installation by Wayne White, the former puppet artist for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. (I also blogged about him earlier this year.)


White’s site-specific exhibit is titled “Halo Amok,” an anagram of Oklahoma, and it’s unmistakably him: kooky, over-the-top, and crazy fun. The three cubist puppets—three cowboys straddling bucking horses and a bull—were made on-site out of plywood, cardboard, and other rough materials.


Visitors are encouraged to pull on ropes and turn wheels to make the kinetic sculptures buck and sway, which they do with much clattering and noise. It was a delight to see in person, and I could almost feel the creative energy rub off on me.

Here’s a terrible video I took of one of the puppets in motion: Halo Amok

Even the flyer that White created for the exhibit is an exciting work of art to me.


Almost equally interesting to me was the fact that directly facing this noisy, joyful installation is the museum’s ongoing exhibit of blown glass by Dale Chihuli. The Chihuli works have their own sense of whimsy and large-scale wonder, but the rooms were darkened and quiet and definitely hands-off.


I’m not the hugest Chihuli fan, but I don’t think anyone can help but be captivated by the way that the candy-colored glass seems to have grown organically on the spot into Alice in Wonderland-like environments. And the large collection at OKCMOA is something to see.


My new dream is to live in a world that exists somewhere between the artistic sensibilities of these two masters.

Halo Amok” is only up through October 6th—if you live anywhere near OKC, you must go, now!

Love to Oklahoma

This tiny cowboy is spending the day rustling up love for the tornado victims in Oklahoma.


Oklahoma is my birthplace and will always be home to me. I’m so thankful that none of my friends or family were hit, and my heart goes out to those who were not so lucky this time.

I hope you’ll join me in donating to the Red Cross or other organizations that are helping with shelters, supplies, and resources. (This list on is helpful.)

I already had plans to fly to Oklahoma tomorrow for a visit with my family. I’ll be giving them extra hugs this weekend!

Last Weekend to Enter!


This really big little bunny is here to remind us that this is the last weekend to enter the Tiny Baby Bunnies Contest!

If you haven’t entered yet, that still gives you enough time to knit up some Tiny Baby Bunnies, photograph them doing something awesome, and upload it to Flickr. Look at the beautiful Koigu yarn our top three winners will get!


The deadline is Monday night, April 2nd at midnight Eastern time. See full contest details here!