Sophie & Chanel make good company

Staying in for a while? Get cozy and knit up some new furnishings! Sophie & Chanel will add style and comfort to your same-old surroundings. Plus, they play well with tiny gnomes and other tiny mochis!

Techniques include knitting in the round (double-pointed needles are recommended), mattress stitch, picking up stitches, and I-cord. For the tiny versions, you’ll need a bit of fingering-weight yarn (less than half a skein of 5 colors—Knit Picks Palette is a great choice) and size 1 (2.25mm) needles.

The pattern is now available as a PDF download in the Mochimochi Shop and also on Ravelry.

Thank you to Rebecca, Brian, Dorien, and Danielle for testing, and thank you to Marilyn Passmore for tech editing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

4 thoughts on “Sophie & Chanel make good company

  1. Hi! I bought the so cute “Sohie and Chanel” about on hour ago ( paid by Paypal) and did not receive the pattern yet. Am I too much in a hurry?

  2. Hi Andrée! Sorry about the delay—it seems that my download system is having delays with some orders right now. I’ll send the pattern to you via email. Thank you very much for your purchase!

  3. I also bought this pattern, and the farm pattern set, and have had no word about the download. Hope you get it figured out soon!

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