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New tiny apatosaurus pattern in Knitrino

I’m so excited to share with you my newest tiny dinosaur pattern, Amy the Apatosaurus! You can now find her pattern in the portable Knitrino app, where they also have a limited number of apatosaurus kits available featuring lovely Hand-Dyed Diva yarn.

Knitrino works on iOS and Android devices, so to get the pattern or kit, install Knitrino or click the apatosaurus link from your phone. 📱

Amy is the third tiny dinosaur pattern I’ve debuted with Knitrino, and as with the others, I focused on unique construction to build a classic jurassic body type. Amy is knit the round, with flat sections for the belly and back, a smattering of short rows for the head curve, and mattress stitch to seam her graceful neck. It’s a quick pattern that will give you plenty to chew on, herbivore-style.

New to Knitrino? You can use this code for $3 off your first purchase:


Knitrino offers curated patterns and kits crafted for mobile phones: click a stitch to see how to do it, highlight your current place, see only one size at a time, and match charts to your yarn colors. There are no PDFs, no importing, just purchase your pattern and go!

I love this app because it makes patterns portable, with built-in resources, and it’s a perfect fit with my tiny designs. Plus, it was built by sisters Alison and Andrea, terrific people who really understand knitters!

I’ve debuted two other dinosaur patterns with Knitrino—Tina the Tiny T-Rex and Tori the Tiny Triceratops—and they’ve brought those patterns back to the app for a limited time right now too! So you can get all three in your pocket. 🦖💕

Happy dino knitting!

Fumin’ Womb stickers are here

Introducing Fumin’ Womb stickers! 💥

It’s been heartening to see the big response to my Knitty pattern, the Fumin’ Womb. (It’s free! It’s timely! Make one and wear it and go vote!) If you’re on an angry uterus knitting kick, I’d love it if you sold some to help out our non-knitting friends and raise money for abortion funds.

And speaking of people who don’t knit (and also those who do), this sticker may not be as satisfying as a squishy-soft handmade boxing uterus, but I think it’s pretty cool as its own thing. You can find it in my shop—I’ll be sending half of the proceeds from its sale to abortion funds.


I also recently made a Fumin’ Womb animated sticker—you can use it on GIPHY-supported platforms (like Instagram messages and stories) by searching for FUMINWOMB.

Tiny tiger giveaway

UPDATE: The tiger poems were wonderful, and the winning tiger poets have been selected!

One thing I love about designing tiny little knits is that sometimes I can make extras to give away to friends and strangers. And sometimes I do giveaways on Instagram too, like right now with this rainbow of tigers!

All you have to do (if you’re over 18 and living in the United States) is come up with an original tiger-themed poem and add it to the comments on this Instagram post. I’ll be picking winners by February 11th of the year of the tiger. 🐯

If you’d like to knit a tiger of your own, you can do that too with the Hey Tiger pattern!

Sophie and Chanel at Home

Sophie and Chanel have been staying home during the pandemic. Would you like to see what they’ve been up to for six months?


They spent about a month staring at each other. Or maybe it was two months. Hard to remember.


Then they made a game of rearranging the furniture.


Sunday evenings are for cuddles.


At one point, it really didn’t feel safe unless everyone was wearing a mask. Makes it a little hard to see what’s on TV though.


This is what they do when they get tired of staring at each other.


There have been some dark days, and a whole lot of screen time, but they’re happy that they at least have each other.

Stay safe, everyone!

Donate your Old Glasses

Nerd Alert!
Charlotte, NC yarn store Cheers to Ewe invited us to help spread the word about an opportunity to donate your old glasses. The American Foundation for Children with AIDS is collecting them right now for their clients in Congo!

American Foundation for Children with AIDS
1520 Greening Lane
Harrisburg, PA 17110

The last time we partnered with Cheers to Ewe and AFCAids, we made a knitted ball pit. Talk about a lifetime ago!

Ms. Claus Giveaway!

For those who can’t knit their own, I’m giving away FOUR Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi Ms. Clauses knit by me! ⁣
Four of them because they’re family: mother, daughter, cousin, and an aunt who lives a “clothes optional” lifestyle. ⁣

To enter to win one of these holiday heroines, please write a charming Ms. Claus-themed poem in the comments to this post on Instagram. I’ll choose my four favorites on Monday 12/16!

Baby Eve

Our baby decided to arrive on the day of the eclipse!

She did not see what all the fuss was about.

Thanks to everyone who has sent their happy wishes to us! We’re enjoying our new little girl very much.

Things will be a bit quieter here than usual for the next few months, but I’m around and will be checking email and filling orders as they come. I’ll also share the finished mobile once it’s in a proper hanging position!