Fumin’ Womb stickers are here

Introducing Fumin’ Womb stickers! 💥

It’s been heartening to see the big response to my Knitty pattern, the Fumin’ Womb. (It’s free! It’s timely! Make one and wear it and go vote!) If you’re on an angry uterus knitting kick, I’d love it if you sold some to help out our non-knitting friends and raise money for abortion funds.

And speaking of people who don’t knit (and also those who do), this sticker may not be as satisfying as a squishy-soft handmade boxing uterus, but I think it’s pretty cool as its own thing. You can find it in my shop—I’ll be sending half of the proceeds from its sale to abortion funds.


I also recently made a Fumin’ Womb animated sticker—you can use it on GIPHY-supported platforms (like Instagram messages and stories) by searching for FUMINWOMB.