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Virtual Knitting LIVE classes in April

I’m very excited to be teaching two project-based classes at Virtual Knitting LIVE in April!

❤️ Intro to Toy Knitting: Sweet Little Stuffed Hearts
If you’re kind of a beginner (you can knit and purl), this one’s for you! We’ll ease into using double-pointed needles and cover all the basic stuff that you need to know for knitting toys, specifically cute little hearts!

🌱 Knit a Tiny Gnome
We’ll cover intermediate techniques used in my tiny gnome pattern: joining I-cord legs, attaching I-cord arms, and embroidery tips. Your gnome can be clothed or gnaked—your choice!

See the Vogue Knitting LIVE website for registration!

A Ducky Giveaway for Fowl Times

UPDATE: We got 145 ducky comments over on Instagram, yay! Winners have been posted and notified. Thanks to all who entered!

Hi everybody! I hope you’re hanging in there and finding some fun in the extended weirdness. Here’s a little fun especially for those of you who don’t knit: A Duck-a-Luck giveaway!

These ducks have been frozen in ice and thawed out three times over, and they’re still fresh as the day they were knit. (Why did I freeze them? To make them last longer during quarantine, of course!)

Now that they’re happy and dry, these ducks are ready to spread their wings. If you live in the US, you can enter to win one by leaving a comment on THIS INSTAGRAM POST with something duck-ish. (Also, please follow @mochimochiworld on Instagram!)

Plus, each of the winners will get to send out a funky little bluebird to a friend 💙

I’ll pick winners next week (April 20th).

And you can find the Duck-a-Luck pattern at three price levels in my shop, or find it on Ravelry!

New Classes at Vogue Knitting LIVE NYC

Fun news: I’m teaching two classes at Vogue Knitting Live NYC in January! ⁣

For advanced beginners, there’s Knit a Pocket Narwhal, a project-based class in which you’ll learn some basic toy techniques (while knitting flat or in the round, whichever you prefer) and come away with a fun-size little narwhal to accompany you for the rest of the weekend. ⁣

For intermediate and advanced knitters, I’m offering a Design Your Own Tiny Toy workshop, where you can work with basic shapes to modify and make your own, or come with a more complex design for us to figure out together. (Knit tiny versions of your pets! Your friends! Your favorite cartoon characters!) ⁣

Both classes will be held on Thursday January 16th. ⁣

I don’t teach very often, so I’m psyched! I recommend signing up ASAP! ⁣

Stop Motion Aftermath

I had the pleasure of making dinosaur-themed stop-motion videos with a great group of middle schoolers at the ELA Area Library in Lake Zurich, IL, on Saturday.

Most of the devices we were using weren’t connected to the internet, so unfortunately I don’t have finished projects to share, but you can see from the aftermath just how much creativity was going on!

The library currently has an impressive exhibit on dinosaurs—worth checking out if you’re in the area!

Stop-Motion Animation Workshop August 10th in Ann Arbor

I’m excited to be returning to the Ann Arbor District Library for a stop-motion animation workshop!

Join me at the Ann Arbor District Library from 2-5pm on August 10th for an afternoon of stop-motion basics and hands-on experimentation. It’s a free workshop open to all ages! More info at the AADL website.

(PLUS: If you’re into TV history, John Teti (my husband) is giving a talk on the lesser-known game shows of Alex Trebek at the library the night before!)

#Knitballpit update: 1,000+++ balls!

Happy New Year! 2019 is starting off right, because we made it to 1,000 balls in the knit ball pit, hoorayyyyy!

This is how it looked this morning in the shiny new inflatable pit.

We’re actually at 1380 balls right now, with more packages yet to be opened, and with even more expected to be added at Vogue Knitting LIVE later this month in NYC. Whew! I’ll be happy to receive them all, and at this point I think we can say the knit ball pit will be big enough that we no longer need to ask for donations. Instead, anyone who would still like to get involved can donate money directly to the American Foundation for Children with AIDS, who will be distributing the balls after Vogue Knitting LIVE to some very special kids in Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Read more about this project at the original knit ball pit post. And follow me on Instagram for all the updates!

See you in NYC!

Knit Ball Pit Update

We’re up to 305 balls in the Knit Ball Pit!

That’s a lot of hand knitted and crocheted balls!

I’m hoping we can amass 1,000 balls by January 1st. Will you help us? Check out the Ravelry page for the pattern and a flyer that you can print and post in your LYS and/or hand out to your fiber-friendly friends.

If you’ll be at Vogue Knitting LIVE in NYC this January, you can bring your balls directly to the ball pit party. Then take a dip yourself! After VK LIVE, the balls will be donated to the American Foundation for Children with AIDS, who will send them to kids in Congo, Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

Thank you to Cheers To Ewe! for sponsoring this project!

Let’s Knit a Ball Pit!


JANUARY UPDATE! We have 1650 balls in the knit ball pit and it’s still growing! If you’d like to contribute, at this point I’d like to encourage you to donate funds directly to the American Foundation for Children with AIDS if you are able. And any future group projects will be announced here, on the newsletter, and on Instagram! Thank you for the balls, everyone!

UPDATE! Check out a chat with me and Tanya Weaver of AFCAids with the ladies of Cheers to Ewe on their Facebook Live show!

I said in my last post that it would be fun to do a big crazy group project, so…

Mochimochi Land is going to Vogue Knitting LIVE in NYC this January, and we want to make a splash with a whole ball pit full of knitted mochimochi balls!

After Vogue Knitting LIVE, the balls will be donated to the American Foundation for Children with AIDS, who will send them to kids in Congo, Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. (More on that here!)

To make this squishy cuddly fun possible, we need YOUR help: Please join us in knitting hundreds of colorful character balls! Follow the pattern below (there’s a circular and a flat version) to make as many balls as you can contribute, and mail them to this address by January 3rd, 2019:

[I’ve removed the address to avoid confusion—this project is complete!]

If your package comes from somewhere outside the US, we want to thank you for your extra effort, so please include your email address for a discount code to the Mochimochi Shop!

(If you’re coming to Vogue Knitting LIVE NYC in person, you can also just bring your character balls with you!)

A big thank-you to our sponsor, Cheers To Ewe!

Things you’ll need

Yarn: Use any weight of colorful yarn! It can be variegated or have a funky texture or whatever, but we do want to keep it bright and happy. You’ll need less than 10 yards of yarn for one ball. (This is a great project for using up yarn scraps!) You’ll also need a small amount of contrasting-color yarn for eyes.

Needles: Use a needle that is small enough so that stuffing won’t show through the gaps between the stitches. (We recommend using size 5 US (3.75mm) needles with worsted-weight yarn, for example.)

Stuffing: We recommend polyester fiberfill, but stuffing can be anything lightweight, including yarn scraps.

You’ll also need a tapestry needle and scissors.

Please read!

• We want characters! Please make your ball into a character by embroidering eyes onto it! Don’t worry about doing it perfectly—wonky stitching just adds to your ball’s uniqueness and specialness.
• You can add details like arms, legs, hair, ears, etc by adding embellishments like I-cords. Make sure this is all attached—characters should have no loose parts, and nothing so big or dangly that it would tangle up our ball-pit fun.
• We want the ball pit to be totally soft, so no hard components, please. (No plastic eyes.)
• Crocheters are welcome to participate! There are several free ball patterns on Ravelry, like this one.
• We’re unable to return submissions once they’re incorporated into the ball pit, so your characters will be taking up permanent residence in Mochimochi Land. Make sure you say a proper goodbye before sending them off!
Please tag your character balls with #knitballpit —I’ll also be sharing submissions and updates and other fun stuff using that hashtag.

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