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Say “Squee!” (Our Summer Sale is Back)

Here’s some actual footage of the 2020 version of “summer fun” in Mochimochi Land.

We hope your summer is going OK-ish! Maybe we can make it a little more OK with a summer sale:

Through Labor Day (9/8) take 20% off all PDF patterns, books, kits, and more with the code SUMMERSQUEE20 applied to orders from the Mochimochi Shop.

(Want to knit that little couch? The pattern is coming soon!)

Yarnify Interview and Trunk Show

On Saturday I had the pleasure of being remotely interviewed by Anna of Yarnify! a wonderful local yarn store in Chicago’s Printers Row neighborhood.

I had such a good time chatting with Anna, who was a wonderful host. And Yarnify! is also currently hosting a Mochimochi Land trunk show!

Visit their website to order my kits and support a local Chicago business!

The occasion for all this delightfulness was the virtual Chicago Yarn Crawl, which is ongoing through August 2nd with events at many local yarn stores.

Some Not-Crappy News

9/2/20 Update: August’s funds ($150) are going to Co-Prosperity Sphere’s Bridgeport Community Kitchen. Thank you!

7/31/20 Update: $1,660 raised for Chicago food pantries to date!
The portion you helped raise in July (just over $200) went to MASK (Mothers Against Senseless Killing) for their August baby supplies pantry drive. Thank you!

🐦 First, thanks to your Bluebirds of Crappiness pattern purchases, we raised another $430 for Chicago food pantries in June. That makes a total of $1,455 raised in two months! I’m dividing this month’s proceeds between Care for Real and I Grow Chicago. ⁣⁣
🐦 And second, now people who don’t knit can purchase a Bluebird of Crappiness made by me! Each bluebird will have its own unique colors and hairdo. Half of the proceeds from sales of these knitted bluebirds will go to Chicago pantries.

Thank you for helping us support our Chicago community!

You’ve raised $1025 with Bluebirds of Crappiness

These Bluebirds of Crappiness are showing extra plumage because, thanks to your pattern purchases, we raised $1025 in May for Chicago food pantries!

I made an initial donation of $825 to the Greater Chicago Food Depository after the first week of sales, then followed up with $200 more at the end of the month. The ongoing anti-racism protests have motivated me to match that second chunk with a donation to My Block, My Hood, My City‘s Business Relief Fund, which is helping Black-owned businesses that have suffered damage in the recent looting in our city (largely done by out-of-state people unrelated to peaceful protests).⁣

All proceeds from pattern sales of Bluebirds of Crappiness are still going to Chicago-area food pantries. You can find the pattern in the Mochimochi Shop or on Ravelry.

I’m also thinking about selling some hand-knitted bluebirds for those who don’t knit… I’ll post about it here if I decide to do that. For now, I still have a big list of people in my life to knit them for as the crappiness continues!

Mochimochi Land is Here for You!

No one is having a normal time right now. For us, John and I are lucky enough to be able to focus on our kids most of the time and squeeze in a little work when we can while we’re sheltering in place in our Chicago home. So I’ll likely be spending a bit less time on social media (at least, less time on the creation end of things), and orders of physical goods may ship out a bit slower than usual. But my basement is my office/studio/shipping headquarters, so I don’t have to go far to take care of business when needed!

I’ll likely be sharing some classic cute and happy Mochimochi Land animations and patterns and things for a while instead of creating new content. And instead of working all night, I’m planning to read books and watch movies with my “me” time. Self care is paramount right now!

Stay safe, stay kind, and if your job allows it, please stay in right now! Our heart-knitting gnome won’t be taking a break. (You can share him and all my other happy GIFs via my GIPHY page.)

Ducks in a row

Spring is here! I thought you might like to knit a duck or two, or fifty. A tiny duck army may be just what some of us need.

Duck-a-Luck is an intermediate-level, almost-seamless pattern that is worked in the round. It uses several fun techniques to keep you on your webbed toes, including picking up and knitting stitches, 3-needle bind-off, and a pinch of mattress stitch. Any yarn will work—you’ll just need small amounts of 2 colors, plus a bit of black for eyes.

For the time being, I’m offering the PDF pattern at the Mochimochi Shop at three price levels: $1, $5, and $10. It’s also available on Ravelry for $5.  

Remember to tag your duck photos with #mochimochiland for us all to see! 

🦆 🦆 🦆 🦆 🦆

Leaping Leprechauns!

We could all use a little extra luck these days, right? Make your own with the Tiny Leprechaun and Friends pattern collection! It’s available as a PDF download from the Mochimochi Shop and from Ravelry.

Use the code ALITTLELUCK for $1 off the pattern collection through March 17th! (Code works at both Mochimochi Land and Ravelry.)

As always, this Good Luck Clover pattern is available for free!

🍀 🌈 🍀 🌈 🍀 🌈 🍀 🌈 🍀 🌈 🍀

You can share the GIF above via GIPHY, and here’s new a BONUS sticker you can insert into messages and comments and Instagram stories.

(Find and use it by searching for MOCHIMOCHILAND and STICKER on Facebook, Twitter, etc.)