Introducing our Special Guest Judges

It’s my pleasure to introduce our Special Guest Judges for the 2020 Mochimochi Photo + Video Contest!

First we have Angela Tong, a talented designer and teacher of knitwear and woven projects, as well as a gifted ceramicist, baker, and all-around impressive person. Angela and I go way back to the early 2000s, when we both knitted in NYC. She is constantly knocking my socks off with her Instagram-perfect life.

Next is Rick Hamann, an Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett. Basically a Don Draper for our time (in the professional sense, that is—he is quite the family man), Rick knows all about what makes an impression.

And finally is Bonney Teti, co-host of of the Pop Mom podcast and curator of the undisputed World’s Biggest Yarn Stash. She’s also my mother-in-law! Without Bonney, I can confidently say, there would be no Mochimochi Land.

Determining winners is always hard, but I think we’ll have some very judicious results with the help of these three. Thank you, Special Guest Judges!

And A big thank you, again, to everyone who participated in the #mochiphotocontest20 this summer! We received 50 entries, and each of them was a delight to experience. We really needed to be transported to Mochimochi Land, and you all certainly did that.

I will be consulting with the judges this week, and we’ll have some winners to announce soon. Stay tuned!