How to: Embroider Tiny Eyes on Tiny Guys

It’s the little details that really make a project, and today I’m here to show you how I embroider (almost) perfect little eyes onto my tiny guys.

Start with a piece of black yarn (or other contrasting color) that’s about 6 inches or so long. This yarn should be the same weight as the yarn you used to knit your little mochi.

1. Thread the end onto a small tapestry needle. (I like the use the smallest one that comes in this set.)
Insert the needle through the back of the body and out through the front of the face, just to the left of where you would like the first eye to go.


2. Insert the needle horizontally just to the right of where you pulled the needle out, so that you’re making a stitch that spans one half (or one leg) of a knit stitch, and bring the needle out in the same place that it originally came out. As you bring the needle out, split the black yarn with the needle—this will help give the eye a round shape.


3. Insert the needle again in the same place you just did, to make another horizontal stitch in the same spot, then bring the needle out just to the left of where you would like the next eye to go.


4. Repeat Step 2 and the first half of Step 3 to make another eye in the same way as the first, but bring the needle back out of the back of the body when you’ve finished making the second stitch of the eye.


If the eyes look a bit wonky, gently tug on the tails of the black yarn—this should help tighten them up and round them out. To make the eyes extra secure, use the needle to weave the beginning and end tails through the body once more.

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