Author: Anna

The Tiny Alpaca Kit is Now a Feliciti kit!

I got some bad news earlier this year: The alpaca blend yarn that I’ve used to knit tiny alpaca since 2015 was discontinued! Not only was I making all my alpaca out of this yarn, it was also the yarn that I included in all of my tiny alpaca kits. 😢

BUT THEN in April an opportunity presented itself: the perfect local source appeared at YarnCon: Deitricks’ Alpaca Ranch from Prophetstown, IL!

Just look at this handsome herd! (And if you live in the area, you can meet them: Deitricks offers plenty of ways you can commune with alpaca, from summer camps, to birthday parties, to yoga!)

Tracy had nine skeins of the softest, fluffiest fingering-weight alpaca yarn made from the fleece of a beautiful alpaca named Feliciti that she let me take home.

(Can’t you just feel the softness through the screen?)

So for a limited time, the Tiny Alpaca Kits available in my shop are tiny Feliciti kits! (As before, the yarn for the face and legs is Cascade Heritage, a wool/nylon blend, which contrasts nicely with the fluffy alpaca.)

We have enough Feliciti yarn to make about 90 kits for now, and this is a supply that may or may not be replenished with the same lovely yarn. So get yours now! UPDATE: I just got 11 more skeins, yay!

Each kit contains the intermediate-level pattern (hello, short rows!) and enough yarn and stuffing to make 2 tiny alpaca. 🦙❤️🦙

And of course, the pattern is also available as a PDF download.

Stop-Motion Animation Workshop August 10th in Ann Arbor

I’m excited to be returning to the Ann Arbor District Library for a stop-motion animation workshop!

Join me at the Ann Arbor District Library from 2-5pm on August 10th for an afternoon of stop-motion basics and hands-on experimentation. It’s a free workshop open to all ages! More info at the AADL website.

(PLUS: If you’re into TV history, John Teti (my husband) is giving a talk on the lesser-known game shows of Alex Trebek at the library the night before!)

Cozy Squozy Cats!

Just in time for the hottest days of summer, Cozy Squozy Cats are ready to be knit by you!

These pocket-sized cats are the purfect fit for their containers: knit a cat in a box 📦, a cat in a life preserver 🍩, a cat in a bag 👜, and (because cats are weird) a cat in a corset 🥜!

They’re just as cute outside of their containers, too!

The intermediate-level pattern collection is now available as a download in the Mochimochi Shop or via Ravelry.

Plus, box cat, bag cat, and life preserver cat are also available as kits! Each comes with a pattern and enough yarn and stuffing to make one cozy cat. 🧶

As Soupy will tell you, July is an excellent month for getting cozy.

(For the record, this is NOT the yarn that goes in the kits!)

More cozy cat GIFs are coming soon—watch for them on Instagram!

Floss and Brush your Walrus Crush

It’s a love story for Pride month!

You may remember these two from Valentine’s Day… In this expanded story, they overcome the challenges of climate change and oral hygiene to find true love ❤️
Did you know that both male and female walruses have mustaches AND tusks? 👨🏻👨🏽 These two happen to both be females 🌈

Thanks to John Teti for sound editing!

Want to knit a tiny walrus of your own? Check out the pattern and kit available in my shop!

Cat’s Out of the Bag

Want to know what the mystery preview kits from May were?

They were cats! Cats inside things!

I can’t tell you how hard it’s been to sit on this secret—these are seriously some of my favorite tiny knitted things ever. THANK YOU to everyone who took a chance on a little mystery—I hope you were happy with the surprise!

The cozy cat kits will be available in the Mochimochi Shop soon, but for now you can get them from a few local yarn stores: StevenBe in Minneapolis has a few, Yarn Social in Kansas City and Yarnify in Chicago all have some as of this writing. If you’d like to see them in your LYS, ask them to please get in touch!