Tips for a Great Photo

Have you entered this year’s Mochimochi Photo Contest yet? If so, you are all right by me! If not, here are some tips on how to take a great photo. (You have until November 16th to enter!)

Use natural light when possible


image by

Natural sunlight will give you a nice, bright image, which will also help make your photo as sharp as possible. The best kind of natural light is soft and indirect, like the light you get on a slightly overcast day.

If shooting with artificial light, steady your camera

If you need to shoot using artificial light, turn off your flash—flash usually makes some parts of your photo too bright, and it also creates harsh shadows. Instead, light your subject as brightly as possible, and make your camera as steady as possible by placing it on a surface like a table or a stack of books.


image by giolou

If you’re using a regular point-and-shoot digital camera, you’re probably using automatic focus. If you’re shooting something up close and your camera doesn’t seem to be focusing the way you want it to, see if your camera has a “macro” setting that will let you focus in on something close-up. (On my camera, it’s a button with an icon that looks like a flower.)

Those are just some technical basics for how to take a good photo. But how do you take a good photo for the Mochimochi Photo Contest specifically? Here are a few ideas!

Tell a story

Some of my favorite photos of Mochimochi Land toys are the ones that show a story unfolding, either in a single photo or in a series of photos. Who is your toy and what is he or she doing in their environment? Epic battles and love stories are espcially fun.

Combine different toys for maximum cuteness


image by mariannes stuff

Unorthodox pairings make for interesting subject matter!

Multiples are adorable


image by Purple Heather

Enough said, right?

Make the design your own

It’s true—some people’s versions of Mochimochi Land toys are way more interesting than the original! Don’t hesitate to embellish a pattern with your own touches or even alter the design a bit (just not beyond recognition) to make something unexpected.

Cute animals don’t hurt!


image by teekayknits

Got a cute doggie or kitty? Or some chickens, perhaps? Everyone wants to see them alongside a funny toy.

Those are just a few tips and suggestions (and super example photos) to jump-start your own creative photo ideas. Feel free to adhere to the above, or try something completely different. Got other photo tips? Please share them in the comments to this post!

7 thoughts on “Tips for a Great Photo

  1. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for including my pic of the Bobs – I had a great time knitting them at a folk festival, and then the photoshoot in a friend’s garden was such fun.

    I love how the chickens look a bit bemused in the Which Came First pic.

  2. great tips, Anna! i *always* break the indirect light rule… :p i really need to work on that. i am very flattered you used my shot for the macro, as it’s my favorite way to shoot! :) can’t wait to see all the finalists…

  3. i am beyond excited and delighted to see that you included my which came first photo here! rodney the rooster and the girls will be so proud to know that they made it all the way to mochimochi land. they were quite bemused (and perhaps a wee bit frightened) of tweetie (as she has come to be known).

  4. I’m such a bad photographer that I can’t imagine getting it together enough to send a picture in even with two sets of toys at pretty much the stuff and sew stage.

  5. Hi , wow love the pic of the butterfly . I wish i could do it . Do any of you know how to make the butterfly ? I just would like to make as a toy .it would look so cute in my room .jeje . thanks

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