Soupy and Nipsey

The kittens have names!


The one on the left in the photo above is Soupy, and the one on the right is Nipsey. They are named after Soupy Sales and Nipsey Russell, two of our favorite celebrity players on reruns of Pyramid.


These boys have completely come out of their shells since they arrived last Wednesday, and they have both turned out to be super playful and loving. This post just took me ten times as long to write as it normally would because Nipsey keeps jumping onto my lap and demanding to be petted! I will never get any work done again.

25 thoughts on “Soupy and Nipsey

  1. Aww! I always loved cats…Just not their litter boxes! How can you tell them apart??? (Besides personality’s? The look exactly alike in the photos!!!!!

  2. Gosh they are the cutest! Whenever I try to read my kitty cat tried to get between me and the book. Glad to know I’m not the only one with an attention demanding furball…

  3. Your new kittens are absolutely adorable. I’m dealing with a similar inability to get things accomplished, ever since we got two new kittens back in September. Kittens (and grown cats, to a slightly lesser extent) are very, very good at distracting.

  4. One of my cats likes to try to eat the mouse cursor when I’m on the computer. Mmm, kitty spit.

    You guys are such little cuties!

  5. No worries, you’ll soon learn the art of balancing your cats on your lap while working and knitting.

  6. Good news! I just discovered a yarn shop close by to were I live! It’s like yarn heaven on earth!

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