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giolou’s Pundits

Tester giolou (of the Sails vs. Slugs baseball series) did a swell job trying out the Pundit Babies pattern for me before I released it last week. I was happy to see pics of her adorable results!


She used Lamb’s Pride worsted yarn for her stout little mascots.


The reading material she posed them on might give away giolou’s personal leanings, but she claims to love both of these guys equally!

Thank you to giolou, and also Oiyi, Jessica, and Hannah for testing!

Photo Contest 08: Semifinalists, Round One

It’s semifinals time! Today we’re posting the first 10 of 20 semifinalists in the 2008 Mochimochi Photo Contest. Like last year, John and I selected semifinalists based on originality of subject, creativity of knitting, and quality of photo. So many photos met these criteria, it was amazing!

We need to narrow the 20 semifinalists down to 10, and you can help by campaigning for your favorites in the comments of this post. Tomorrow we’ll post the next 10 semifinalists, and then we’ll post the selected 10 finalists and voting will officially begin!

Stackable Cats (blue) by Bitter-Sweet-


Love the colors, love the angle, love the cats!

chichone! by katecarlyle


How would you like to find this one in the dairy department? Cute!

Devil Bob by stitchyandcrafty


An eeevil Bob… is pretty adorable! (Check out the knitter’s blog for instructions on how to do the tail modification.)

Clover the Butterfull by


Butterfull couldn’t be cuter sitting in her tree. A great modification to the wings too!

Matt’s First (official) Valentine’s Day by Lamby Knits


This degree of cuteness is bordering on obscene.

ninjabun vs. ninjabunzilla by giolou


Argg! This amazingly giant Ninjabun demands your respect. And all your carrots!

Stackable Cat at the Vet by lesleyhyphenanne


We love this tiny cat waiting for its checkup.

three of hearts in heels by lisa-maria


This photo is so good it could be an ad for shoes. Or little knitted hearts!

Conga Line of Bobs by kayk.


Has anyone else noticed how much Bobs have been up to in our photo contest? So far we’ve had Bobs dressing up as bikers, Bobs building snowbobs, Bobs playing with chicken legs… I’m pretty convinced that these adorable Bobs are actually doing the conga!

Dust Bunny and Big Bunny by rfrmdsquirrel


Am I seeing double? You two must be sisters! (Check out other great bunny-and-bunny photos on the knitter’s photostream)

Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

Mochimochi Server Maintenance

Hello, Mochimochi friends! I need to do some work on Mochimochi Land’s server today, so I have to turn comments off for a little while. They should be back up by tonight. Hold that thought!

Update: The server maintenance is finished, but because of circumstances out of my control, I can’t turn comments back on just yet. There’s no problem—I’m basically waiting for some people on the other side of the country to flick a switch for me! Hopefully they’ll have done this by tomorrow. I’m sorry for the delay.

Another Update: They never did flick that switch, but I’m turning on comments again until they do. I’ll probably have to take them down for just a little while later this week—should be brief. Thanks for your patience!

Stackable Cats


I like the name “Stackable Cats,” so I tried to make some. They sort of live up to their name.


Not sure what I might do with these, but I may make a third larger size to go with the small and medium.