giolou’s Pundits

Tester giolou (of the Sails vs. Slugs baseball series) did a swell job trying out the Pundit Babies pattern for me before I released it last week. I was happy to see pics of her adorable results!


She used Lamb’s Pride worsted yarn for her stout little mascots.


The reading material she posed them on might give away giolou’s personal leanings, but she claims to love both of these guys equally!

Thank you to giolou, and also Oiyi, Jessica, and Hannah for testing!

11 thoughts on “giolou’s Pundits

  1. aw, thank you, Anna (and Gabby)! you made my day! these two have *really* been going at it this week… i keep telling them they need to focus on how much they have in common (like their overwhelming cuteness, for one!) but i have a feeling it’s gonna be a long haul to november… ;)

  2. Those are super cute…although I think I would tempted to stage cage matches between the two of them…

    How does someone become one of your lucky testers?

  3. For some reason, looking at them reminds me of Colbert!
    Colbert should have them on his desk…or would that make him too much of a 90s Rosie?!

  4. Annie–
    it must be the power of subpachydermal suggestion that made you think of colbert… heehee hee! actually, i bet he just might prefer them on his desk to on his face… what was i thinking?!? ;)

  5. Joan, I have no idea which is which! I think they are cute, and Colbert is the only thing on TV when I get off work!
    (ish Canadi-Annie)
    Also, I think he would like them too!

  6. Dana,

    If you’re interested in getting on my testers list, you just have to be at least 18, and email me two photos of things (preferably toys) you’ve knitted. I’ll fill you in on the details about how it works if you email me. Thanks for your interest!

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