Super Shoes

Yesterday we got word that after more than two weeks of working on it, the tech people who had my broken hard drive were unable to recover any data. It’s now been shipped off to some other, better tech people in California, who will spend another seven days seeing what they can do. But for the sake of sanity, I’ve decided to assume that all is lost and it’s time to move on. It’s also time for some new shoes.

entwineI found the perfect pair of metallic flats early this summer, and I’ve pretty much worn them every day since. They’re called Entwine, made by Hush Puppies, and they are sooo comfortable and gorgeous. Before I wear them out completely, I figured I should get another pair. So I just got a pair in black (the ones pictured at right are “apricot metallic,” the one color I don’t have), which aren’t as gorgeous as my metallic ones, but still comfortable. And for no reason at all, Zappos delivered them next day.

Wow, writing about shoes is really boring. But I love these shoes, so I thought I might let people know about them.

9 thoughts on “Super Shoes

  1. There’s nothing better than shoes!

    And they do look like lovely shoes, plus I say, “If the shoe fits… BUY MORE!”

  2. Comfortable ballet flats? Be still my beating heart! I find them to be too flat, with zero arch support. So, thanks for the tip! Isn’t Zappos the best?!?!?!!

  3. I think those shoes look wonderful. Thank you for writing about shoes. I have been looking for the perfect ballet flats all summer and now that it is almost over I might just have to buy a pair of these for next summer.

  4. Zappos I find to be rather expensive, but those shoes are actually very reasonably-priced dears. Two pairs for this fall/winter (if I can fit orthotics into them) would really do the trick.

  5. It’s me again! That stinks about your computer. I remember our computer crashed once, and my mom had to retype in all these budget reports for the PTA. It took her forever.

  6. Sometimes shoes really can fix things. I have a collection of red shoes that always make a bad day seem brighter. So sorry about the computer.

  7. Wow, those are excellent. You should take a picture when they arrive, so we can see them in real life. (I must admit an ulterior motive: I want a pair but I’m shy about metallic.)

    Also, I really like your blog, and please don’t let the fact that I’m de-lurking to talk about shoes make you think that I don’t love all of your toys.

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