Stackable Cats


I like the name “Stackable Cats,” so I tried to make some. They sort of live up to their name.


Not sure what I might do with these, but I may make a third larger size to go with the small and medium.

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  1. those are too adorable! I was just trying to convince one of my architecture friends who is taking a felt class this semester to make me a stackable cat and here you have already jumped the gun!

  2. Oh these are adorable!! I really hope that you’re planning on releasing the pattern for these cuties… and I would be happy to test it, should you need the help! ;)

  3. Adorable! Thanks for including the rear perspective – the faces are cute, but the stacked tails pushed me over the edge to Cute Overload. :)

  4. My Grandma would love these— you should definitely get a pattern of those adorable kitties soon!

  5. I’m with everyone else, a pattern would rock. Also, a set of these with weights of some kind in the stomach to make them into bookends could be really cool :)

  6. Love love love. Faces all graphic and cute. 2 whiskers is just right. Why are teir tails so short??

  7. Those are so wonderful. I certainly hope you choose to offer these as a pattern, because as you can doubtless see, there’s a huge demand for them.

  8. Gotta have the pattern for these! They are so cute and funny that I know I will have to stack some myself. :O) I like the idea of weighting them, too. Stackacats! Love them!

  9. Hi everyone, thank you for the super comments! I think the cats could stand to be just a bit more stackable (they’re still a little wobbly as is), so I hope to tweak the pattern a little before it’s ready for testing. But thank you very much to those who volunteered to test—I’ll be in touch!

    Miki—I had no idea that someone else wanted stackable cats before me. That’s too funny!

  10. This is so so so so cute!!!! Please please please! pattern pattern pattern please! wahaha..too bad i dun think this is going to be in time for my friend’s birthday but nonetheless, i am looking forward to this! coz as u can see..i am KITTY, a cat! wahahahha..

    Anna, Love all your creation! Would love to test knit some of your creation BUT think maybe my knitting is not up to it yet! going to try knitting some of your earlier creations for now!

    Thank you for sharing your creation!!!=)

  11. Cats! I LOVE them. The long wait for kitties is over. So worth the wait. Yay! They are just wonderful.

  12. oooh-ooooh-oooooh. Pick me, pick me! I’ll test knit some cats. These ones look like they’d be easy to herd!

  13. The cats are too much; I can’t wait for the pattern. I’ve nominated you in my list of knitting bloggers who make me smile. Apparently, this means you should “give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.” But if you don’t do this you won’t actually have anything bad happen, so please don’t feel pressured: just enjoy the award.

  14. Hey, congrats on the pattern in Craft. Your “which came first” pattern is definitely on my list of Easter projects.

  15. these are brill!! they remind me of the stackable pandas you see all over the place in Japan but they are much much cuter!!

    should we start a chant – pat-tern, pat-tern, pat-tern, pat-tern…

  16. I want this pattern too! I mean really really bad! These are adorable! I have so many books that are just crying tohave a set of cats join them on the shelves!!!! It’s going to be hard waiting for the pattern but i’ll do my best! You are amazing! :)

  17. they are sooo cute, I would test the pattern also. I have been knitter for over 40 years. you did a great job designing these.

  18. Oh dear. I am new to your blog, and these are so cute! I love them. My cats would love them. (:goes off to sub to your blog:) Add me to those who would be ever so happy to help you out test-knitting these. But really, I am even content to gaze longingly.

  19. Pattern please, o please.
    My friend got my hooked on you and your great stuff, but the cats are IT. (My first one will nedd to be in grey, to match current cat of lapness (he ignores the yarns bits, the needles tickling him – he just wants to suck body heat). Yarn and needles aawait11 Thanks for the delight-full/filled patterns!!

  20. I so want that pattern!! they are sooooo cute!!!! I want to knit these so bad, please make pattern (begging)
    Love your work and am a big fan.

    Dorien (Dknits)

  21. To make them more stable, have you tried adding a bag of dried rice or lentils to the stuffing of each cat? If you place it at the base of each one, it would make it heavier and therefore more stable.

    I also want this pattern, but I want to convert them into stackable rabbits!

  22. the more i look at them the cuter they get..and i am already imagining my whole room filled with the small the edge of the the shelf with all my scrapbook projects…in my waredrobe guarding my clothes…ahahah…

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