Hayden at knit-one-one Magical Mystery Knitting Party

I’m excited to talk about an event last Friday that by design I couldn’t mention until it was all over!

A few months ago I was contacted by Sile (pronounced Sheila) at knit-one-one, a California knitting studio that specializes in knitting lessons and events. They were interested in making Hayden the Haystack at their next Magical Mystery Knitting Party, an event where instructor Kate reads a pattern aloud for the attendees to knit up, and everyone tries to guess what they’re making throughout the process.

Though I couldn’t be there in person as I would have liked to, hiding behind a plant to watch the evening unfold, Sile was nice enough to send me the play-by-play and great photos right away!


Apparently there was a little confusion over the color of yarn to bring, but I think red makes a nice fall haystack, don’t you think?


Some of the guesses throughout the evening were: leg warmers for dogs, a banana cover, and a chew toy.


Even after the Haydens got stuffed, Sile says, people were still guessing. Then she offered up a clue about European painters, and Ellen, one of the guests, shouted out “Haystack!”


The haystacks look like they were having a little party themselves!

I was so thrilled to have my Hayden be a mystery knit for one night. Thank you Sile!

8 thoughts on “Hayden at knit-one-one Magical Mystery Knitting Party

  1. what a wonderful idea! secret knitting sounds so awesome and hayden is such a perfect (and perplexing!) secret knitting item. I’m so glad that people are having fun with your patterns!

  2. That’s got to feel good! That looks like a haystack if ever I saw one ;-)Still tapping the fingers for Tubby and stackable cats…

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