I Sewed Something


This is Charleston.

I’m very much a beginner at sewing, so I was amazed that I could accomplish a cute toy in one day. With the help of my mother-in-law, of course!

His bottom, which I had to sew shut by hand, is a little bunchy…


But I think he’s totally cute!


We made him from this McCall’s pattern:


It was a little confusing, because there were different pieces for doggy 1 and doggy 2, but they looked like the same dog to me.

Anyway, a dog got made end the end, and I feel like I’ve accomplished my “argg out of comfort zone” challenge for the month.


16 thoughts on “I Sewed Something

  1. What sweet fabric! Those vintage doggies give Charleston such personality! Very cute. I agree that sewing is kind of hard. Every time I get out my machine I tend to fight with it for thirty minutes before I can actually sew anything!

  2. He’s wonderful! Love the fabric and the result of your sewing bravery. :O) I must look up that pattern. Very cute pups and catties. I’ve got to sew too, baby bibs for Valentine’s Day for the youngest grandboy. ;O) Knitting always feels safer to me. Happy sewing, friend!

  3. So cute! It’s great that you are getting out of your comfort zone a bit. I haven’t done anything terribly new in a while, because I am lazy. I should do something about that.

  4. Yeah, it seems like good brain exercise to try something new. It’s so strange how different sewing and knitting are.. like different parts of the brain are used.

    Wendy, thanks for the invite. Sounds like a great concept to build a group around.

  5. This is very cute! I am so amazed at how varied your skills are! And jealous! This doggie is so cute though…I love the pattern of fabric you used. Are we going to see some sewing patterns from you soon :P?

  6. I just totally bought that same McCalls doggie pattern. I thought it would be a great way to use up some stash fabric and make something cute! Can you tell me how big your finished dog is? I, too, am totally baffled by the pattern instructions. I will probably just use the concept to develop my own pattern….but it is good to talk to someone who has just made the same project. Tell me more about it! Thanks!

  7. Diana, that is so cool!

    My finished dog is about 11 inches long – a great huggable size. I had to really stare at the directions for a long time before making sense of them all, but I think this also has something to do with the fact that I’ve pretty much never followed a sewing pattern before. The trickiest part for me was figuring out the ears, and also sewing the bottom of the body to the rest of the pieces. I thought it would never all fit right together, but it did.

    Best of luck with the pattern!

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