Bonney’s Sunday Adventure

It’s time for another installment of funny/bizarre occurrences in the life of Bonney, my mother-in-law!

In this episode, Bonney relates a Sunday trip to the grocery store.

I went to the grocery store on Sunday. On my way out of the store I saw 2 loaves of bread from the store bakery on the ground. They were in cellophane bags and just sitting there. An older woman was standing by them and I started to stoop over to pick them up for her when she said “How about that” and she looked at me. I figured they must have fallen from someone’s cart and looked around the parking lot for someone loading their car. Nothing. So this lady says to me “Take one. If they’re here when I come out, I’m going to.” Instead, I picked them up and took them to the courtesy counter and handed them over.

The whole thing hit me on several different levels. Here was this very respectable looking woman very anxious to steal a loaf of bread.

I value my karma more than to risk it stealing a loaf of bread.

Last (and this is the part that makes me laugh) she told me to take ONE!! Like the other one would be waiting for her when her shopping was done.

Maybe this doesn’t sound so strange but it was!!


Thanks for sharing, Bonney!

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