Tubby is Coming Soon!

Yes, everyone’s favorite knitted bathtub is coming to the shop in February!

I had a couple of fantastic test knitters try out the pattern for me, one of which was Hannah of Bittersweet. I don’t know how she found the time to take out from her baking and crafting to give Tubby a whirl, but I’m so grateful that she did. And what awesome results!


With his big smile and almost-overflowing water, it’s like he’s silently urging you to jump in.

As she often does, Hannah wrote a charming story to go along with her project. Check it out at her blog.

Thanks so much, Hannah!

17 thoughts on “Tubby is Coming Soon!

  1. No, thank you Anna! It was an absolute joy to knit, and I’m so grateful you gave me the opportunity! (I hope you don’t mind that I made the obvious modifications to the face/s!)

  2. knit bubbles, how creative!
    This makes me want to see a big doll house filled with all knitted interiors: furniture, food, maybe a vacuum cleaner and some hanging plants.

  3. This might be the first time I can think of that I’m actually *waiting* for a pattern to come out. Yet another winner in MochiMochi Land!

  4. when I saw Hannah’s blogpost today I was so thrilled that it was your Tubey! She is such an awesome person and I have been following her blog for about a year now…creativity is inspiring!

  5. Another cutie!!! I love your patterns!!!

    Just found MochiMochiLand recently and it went straight into my Favourites. I have spent the past 2 days knitting your little hearts, they are so cute!! Of curse I had to have the LuvGun pattern to go with them… :D And I will be back for more… and more… and more… :D

    Your creations brighten my day :D Thank you!


  6. That’s terrific! I love the little tub with bubbles (I wonder how it would look with a little bit of sparkly yarn or maybe some of the silk floss knit in with the bubbles)!

  7. I second the children’s book! What fantastic and utterly original illustrations your knitted creations would make.

  8. This is really very cute! i can’t wait for this to be released to0.

    Like Lea, i found this site only a few days ago! (through Knitty.com coz i was blown away by the cutesy woodins!) And i have been knitting the little heart as well!!!

    Yes, and alot of the patterns are on my “to-knit” list!

    Your blog is my fave easily!=)

  9. Wonderful pattern! I love your designs. So, how does one get in rotation to test knit one of these fantastical designs? ;)

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