Phantom Hourglass Love

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a complete pushover for the Legend of Zelda games. Though each game that comes out seems to temporarily turn into my favorite one, this time I believe the Nintendo people have outdone themselves with their latest DS offering, Phantom Hourglass.


I had to wait for Christmas to get the game, because it was basically the only consumer product I’d really wanted last holiday season, and so it remained the only thing on my Amazon wish list for several long months. But worth the wait!


I’m a little too worn out from playing it all 3-day-weekend long to go into much detail, but Phantom Hourglass is a continuation of the Windwaker story, with its adorable cartoon-y design and seafaring theme. Interspersed with the gorgeous graphics are some wonderful “wooden” cut-out sequences, which have been my favorite moments in the game.


The play is challenging, but not overly so, making it a great traveling companion. And this is the first game I’ve played on the DS that made perfect use of the stylus. It’s almost Wii-like in its fluidity, only on a smaller scale. If you don’t have a DS, I would say that it’s worth getting one just for Phantom Hourglass.

OK, back to playing now.

13 thoughts on “Phantom Hourglass Love

  1. Oh I totally love it too! Wind Waker is actually my favorite Zelda game (maybe next to A Link to the Past), and DS is my favorite console of all time, so this is the perfect mix! :)

  2. I’m so glad I could contribute to your delinquency! Now I don’t feel nearly as bad having epic sessions of X-Box. . .of course, coming up with cute and lucrative knitting patterns kind of gives you a pass to play some games whereas I have none- but who’s splitting hairs here?

  3. Yes, thank you so much, Merrick! I accidentally left the game at your parents’ house along with other big presents for them to ship to us, so I just finally got it on Saturday. And all us creative types need inspiration, so X-Box away, I say!

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes this game!! I wish some of you were nearby so we could swap ship parts! :)
    And thank you Anna for putting up the sheep pattern! I just bought it yesterday and can’t wait to get it to make a whole herd of sheep! (I also bought ninjabun, I’d been waiting to get him but the sheep put me over the edge!)

  5. I love Zelda too! As a kid, one of my favorite games was to play Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Zelda: the Ocarina of Time on the old Nintendo systems. I also bought Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii (which if you don’t have that, I highly recommend to by it!). Twilight Princess is so intuitive and really uses all of the Wii’s cool motion sensors to their fullest extent. It’s also so easily addictive! My boyfriend and I spent a full week on that thing playing it nonstop, but we’ve stalled now that we have arrived at the final boss.

    I have problems with the puzzles in Zelda, so I like to play in tandem so when I get stuck the game doesn’t turn into some frustrating sudoku puzzle. That’s the only reason why I haven’t bought Phantom Hourglass…but I have heard such great reviews about it I just might cave!

  6. I haven’t played much Zelda (umm, had a bad encounter with the chickens), but I’ve been playing a lot of Chocobo Tales and Izuna. Izuna is a lot of fun (very similar to Chocobo Dungeon), and has kept me entertained on the stationary bike for a while now.

  7. My youngest son loves Zelda but hasn’t mentioned this one. I’ve stayed away from the games over the last couple of years because they tend to suck me in and usurp my knitting time. Sounds like tons of fun!

  8. I, too, am a HUGE fan of the Zelda series. Have you played Twilight Princess? I thought it was genius. I’ve been trying to avoid buying a DS for a really, really long time, but I might have to give in in order to play this game…

  9. I’m a new(er) fan of Zelda, but man does it suck up my time! My boyfriend is a huge Zelda nut, so I bought him Phantom Hourglass for his birthday last October. He finished it in days and forced me to play. I myself am a Mario freak, and I scoffed at Zelda… only at first. I fell for it so fast! I started plsying Twilight Princess on Gamecube, and while I don’t really get what to do sometimes, I love love love wandering around. My boyfriend has been bugging me to get Phantom Hourglass back so he can play it again, but I won’t give it up yet… Glad to see the nerdlove affects us all!

  10. Oh yes, I played Twilight Princess earlier last year. Playing it on the Wii was a lot of fun, but I’m just a sucker for the cuter look of Windwaker and Phantom Hourglass!

  11. Hurray! I love this game too, but I’ve put it down for a while and have been waaay too tired to pick it up again. I will soon though :D

  12. Woah..cant believe it..there is so many like minded ones of us here on this blog..ahhaha…i have been playing Zelda for quite a few years…under the influence of my then-boyfren! it’s so much fun! gt the phantom hourglass with me but have yet to start on the adventure..haha..but reading all that’s here..maybe i shld start! ahha..but…knitting and playing games cant really live in harmony huh?hahahah..

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