Finally, A Lamp

My 6-month-plus quest for a new floor lamp is now over.


I wish I could say I found the perfect thing to replace our wobbly lamp from Target that broke after a year and a half of use, but after searching all the Crate & Barrels (ugly or boring) and Design Within Reaches (ugly or expensive), I ended up getting a wobbly lamp from Target. It’s really amazingly wobbly, and it came very lopsided too, a feature that I repaired by stepping on the base and bending the poll in the opposite direction.

But I’m determined to make this one work because it looks nice and I’m tired of looking. Sounds like a terrible way to choose a person to marry, but my fingers are crossed that it’ll work well enough for a lamp. Now I can concentrate on seeing things!

4 thoughts on “Finally, A Lamp

  1. lol. well, i’ glad your lamp hunt is over…maybe you’re not really settling but just demonstrating how strong your commitment is to the lamp?

  2. Agreed, seeing is a bit more important than wobbliness. And wobbliness is slightly less offensive than ugliness, boringness, and expensiveness. All in all, it seems you’ve picked a winner. Look how happy the denizens of Mochimochi Land are, sitting under new-found light on their window sill.

    By the way, you’ve been awarded :)

  3. next time, try we’ve ordered several things from them and are very happy with them. you can filter by energy star compliance, style, mount, and more. and the prices run the gamut, so there’s a good chance that you’ll find something you like at a price that suits you.

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