Another Somewhat Disturbing Drug Store Display

Now that all of the dead snowmen have been cleared out of the Duane Reade store windows, it’s time for another pharmacy in New York to claim the title of Creepiest Window Display.


This is all wrong on a number of levels. First, the child-mannequin surrounded by empty prescription bottles and looking ponderous, as if she’s staring into the medicine cabinet and wondering if she should try the Vytorin next or the Levitra before she loses consciousness. The lab coat she’s wearing just makes me worry all the more about her.

Then, the decorative backdrop of warning labels whimsically blown up to giant size. I mean, who sells this? Perhaps pharmaceutical companies use it as a curtain during skit night at their conventions? That’s honestly my best guess.

My keen-eyed husband John is to thank for spotting this doozy of a window display, but I’ve noticed this locally-owned pharmacy’s window before—it’s always a bizarre tableau featuring the same girl mannequin in a slightly uncomfortable situation. They had her in bunny ears far into summer last year, for instance. I sure hope they keep pharma-girl up for a while too.

13 thoughts on “Another Somewhat Disturbing Drug Store Display

  1. Maybe she is dreaming about being a pharmacist someday, so this is like an elaborate dream sequence in a store window….a bit of a stretch, though, isn’t it? I mean, what little girl knows what a pharmacist is or does at that age?

  2. What’s also creepy is that she’s in her pajamas in her white coat. Is she sleep-walking and slowly pondering how to self-medicate in her sleep? I don’t know…

  3. Well, whatever is going on it’s obvious whoever designed this display was tasting company candy…

  4. I hope that it’s just a badly-realized “child is dreaming about a future as a pharmacist” tableau.

    I don’t know – the set up made me think of “pharm parties” (featured on an episode of Law and Order; I’m pretty sheltered and out of the teenager-raising loop so I don’t know how common they really are) where teenagers grab what OTC and prescription drugs they can steal from their parents’ medicine cabinet, and take random combinations in the hopes of getting high. (I probably don’t need to observe that that’s a tremendously dangerous gamble to take…)

  5. This makes me want to break the glass, rescue her and check her into a rehab immediately.

    I’d love to meet the person who thought this was a good idea…

  6. She like a modern-day Alice in Wonderland. Only not so magical? One pill makes you smaller….

  7. Anna, that is the creepiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe her parents are prescription pill junkies and this is what she dreams of at night when they’re passed out…

  8. I just stumbled upon your site/Blog, Oh too funny! I love your patterns and your sense of humor is awesome. And for the girl in the looking glass, I say we mount a rescue operation and set her up with a teddy bear in the one hand and a speech bubble saying, “I don’t know were Mommy’s Happy pills went, maybe Teddy took them.”

  9. Hi Sarah, thanks for the nice words! I’m all for rescuing the poor girl, though I don’t know if we should get an innocent teddy bear involved in this sordid scene…

  10. Without a doubt one of the strangest and creepiest window displays ever. This one will haunt my dreams like an episode of The Twilight Zone. LOL


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