More Harriets and Haydens

Thank you, everyone, who left nice comments for Harriet and Hayden yesterday!

Fillyjonk mentioned that she would like to make a flock of pastel Harriets. Me too!


I also had two great test knitters for the pattern. Bonney helped me try out a few different stitches for Harriet’s “wool,” and gathered her test subjects for a photo op.


I especially have a soft spot for the hybrid mix on the right.

And knittygirlie, aka one of the winners in the Mochimochi Photo Contest, made her Hayden into a yummy stick of butter before transforming him into a yummy haystack.




A big thank-you to Bonney and Rebecca!

4 thoughts on “More Harriets and Haydens

  1. The butter is just too cute (not that the sheep aren’t also cute), but there is just something about the rounded edges and it smiling down at the toast. It’s happy about its lot in life.

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