Harriet and Hayden are Here!

It’s time for the first Mochimochi Land pattern of 2008!


The much-anticipated pattern for Harriet the Sheep and Hayden the Haystack is now available in the Mochimochi Shop for just $5!

Who doesn’t need a rotund sheep? And Hayden the Haystack can also double as a pincushion. (You know, needle in a haystack? Ha, ha.)

Techniques for this simple pattern include knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, picking up stitches, and mattress stitch.

Buy the pattern as a PDF download here!

11 thoughts on “Harriet and Hayden are Here!

  1. creative, simple, and well constructed as always! As soon as I get some money put into my debit card these little cuties are mine!

  2. I lurve you patterns ;-) i’m actually waiting for Tubby, then I’ll just get both together. I can’t wait to see what the year brings from MML!

  3. Yay for sheep! I just finished writing up a crocheted pattern for a sheep, so your knitted sheep will add perfectly to my sheep collection. What is Kounting Sheep without some hand-made sheep?

  4. I got a huge kick out of this because my son’s name is Hayden! I might have to invest in the pattern, plus I need a good pincushion anyway! Great stuff!

  5. i was in such a rush to go buy the pattern that i forgot to comment on the tagline: “a friend who feeds…” heee hee hee! ha ha! love it! :D

  6. Thank you, I got the your notice that they’re up last night. I’m planning on downloading them as soon as I get home tonight!

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