I am an Idiot

zhivagoI just watched the entire second half of Dr. Zhivago without realizing that I was only watching the second half of a movie. It occurred to me that there were curiously no opening credits, and there seemed to be a lot of established relationships that I had to piece together, but still, I had no clue that I didn’t start at the beginning. Curse those confusing double-sided DVDs!

When Dr. Zhivago died just one hour into the film, I was thinking “gee, what are they going to do with the remaining two and a half hours without the main character?” But still, it didn’t hit me until the closing credits started rolling. I thought about flipping the disc over and watching the first half, but I just don’t have it in me now.

This does not bode well for the rest of my weekend.

15 thoughts on “I am an Idiot

  1. I feel your pain. My husband and I started watching “Donnie Darko” one night and it was this crazy, mixed up movie. The credits started 30 minutes into the movie, we sat there looking at each other like “WTF?” and finally figured out the dvd player was on shuffle. We were up until 3am watching that damned movie.

    It is a good movie tho.

  2. I did the same thing with Se7en. I was so confused. ended up watching it from the beginning to end and then all over again with commentary. X_x

  3. Well, at least I’m not the only one.. Donnie Darko in random order would be especially bizarre! I’ll probably rent it again in 5 years or so.

    On another note, I think I’ve grown relatively tolerant of football, Bonney. The games I can’t stand now are the ones during which John isn’t even rooting for either team! And there should be a TV law against four games in two days.

  4. OK i did something similar but it was with the 2 vcd kind of set. the thing is both my husband and i sat through the second half of the movie, not really missing anything and thought the opening credits were delayed on purpose.

    about 10 minutes from the end we said to each other ‘isn’t it strange? it looks like the story’s ending’. and it did ten minutes later.

    we eventually watched the first disc through but wasn’t paying much attention to it since we already knew the ending. sigh!

  5. Oi, haven’t done that with Zhivago, but I can understand how it would be confusing. I saw it in the theater on a “revival” night, and also had the VHS of it as well, which clearly marks “First Half” on the first tape.

    FYI, the Lawrence of Arabia DVD is done the same way, so if you see Lawrence already in the desert when you start it, immediately flip the disc to the other side.

  6. I did the same thing with Ben Hur, course I was so confused I watched it twice trying to figure out what was going on before I realized I was missing the first half of the movie.

  7. I found you blog-surfing. Thank you. I am not the only idiot out here. I cannot watch DVDs in my DVD player anymore because I broke it. I broke it trying to put in another disc on top of one that I didn’t know was there. It had a black label, actually it was the movie Unbreakable, So I tried three times wondering what the rattling noise was.
    It was the movie Unbreakable…….how did I miss that connection until now?

    btw you have a neat blog :)

  8. I did something similar with the movie End of the Spear. I watched almost the entire thing before I realized that you could turn on the subtitles. It turns you didn’t have to guess what the people in the tribe were saying…I watched it again and discovered that I had misunderstood most of the movie.

  9. at least you can get a dvd to play on your system. If anything ever happens to the Old Man, all the discs will be for decor only ;-)

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever done that, but that’s mostly because I don’t watch very many movies. I didn’t even know that DVD players had a shuffle feature (really, why would you want a DVD on shuffle anyway).

  11. I did the exact same thing with the movie IT, only I paused in the middle of the first disc so I could go to sleep because I had school the next day. I then proudly told my friend I had started watching IT, she asked me how far I had gotten, told her…and then she told me I was watching the second half.

    I had kind of wondered why there wasn’t any opening credits but didn’t question it too much, and considering it was all making sense in a ‘slowly piecing it together’ sort of way I hadn’t thought to double check I had the right side in. Oops.

  12. well, I kinda did the same thing – Wee Monkeygurl was watching “mean girls”, and I watched the end of it with her, and then they were replaying it, so I watched the beginning. It’s all good. Besides, I was knitting. :)

  13. I did the same thing with an audiobook. I downloaded it from audible.com and listened to part 2 before part 1. I kept thinking, is it just me, or is this author really confusing? Grrr, arrrrgh.

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