Photo Contest 08: Semifinalists, Round One

It’s semifinals time! Today we’re posting the first 10 of 20 semifinalists in the 2008 Mochimochi Photo Contest. Like last year, John and I selected semifinalists based on originality of subject, creativity of knitting, and quality of photo. So many photos met these criteria, it was amazing!

We need to narrow the 20 semifinalists down to 10, and you can help by campaigning for your favorites in the comments of this post. Tomorrow we’ll post the next 10 semifinalists, and then we’ll post the selected 10 finalists and voting will officially begin!

Stackable Cats (blue) by Bitter-Sweet-


Love the colors, love the angle, love the cats!

chichone! by katecarlyle


How would you like to find this one in the dairy department? Cute!

Devil Bob by stitchyandcrafty


An eeevil Bob… is pretty adorable! (Check out the knitter’s blog for instructions on how to do the tail modification.)

Clover the Butterfull by


Butterfull couldn’t be cuter sitting in her tree. A great modification to the wings too!

Matt’s First (official) Valentine’s Day by Lamby Knits


This degree of cuteness is bordering on obscene.

ninjabun vs. ninjabunzilla by giolou


Argg! This amazingly giant Ninjabun demands your respect. And all your carrots!

Stackable Cat at the Vet by lesleyhyphenanne


We love this tiny cat waiting for its checkup.

three of hearts in heels by lisa-maria


This photo is so good it could be an ad for shoes. Or little knitted hearts!

Conga Line of Bobs by kayk.


Has anyone else noticed how much Bobs have been up to in our photo contest? So far we’ve had Bobs dressing up as bikers, Bobs building snowbobs, Bobs playing with chicken legs… I’m pretty convinced that these adorable Bobs are actually doing the conga!

Dust Bunny and Big Bunny by rfrmdsquirrel


Am I seeing double? You two must be sisters! (Check out other great bunny-and-bunny photos on the knitter’s photostream)

Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

58 thoughts on “Photo Contest 08: Semifinalists, Round One

  1. I’m voting for Dust Bunny and Butterfull and the little boy with the hearts is adorable!

  2. ninjabunzilla is honored by such wonderful company! that said, he promises to crush you all… heh heh heh…
    my fave is the bob conga-line… i just loooove knitted creature conga-lines!

  3. The bob conga line! That is hilarious! If that one is great, then I can’t wait to see other photos! :D
    I also liked devil bob! He’s sooo cute!

  4. I love the stackable cats (blue) and the bob conga line, but they are all really good. Wow, there are a lot of talented people out there.

  5. It was a battle to choose between the conga line and Clover the Butterfull, but in the end Clover gets my vote for making up that tree. He’s definitely not a couch-fly.

  6. I vote for Matt’s first Valentines and the Butterful. (that is if I’m allowed to vote twice) They’re all amazingly cute though.

  7. I thought Devil Bob was wonderfully creative, but I think my favorite was the tower of blue Stackable Cats. I love that their whiskers each point in different directions, giving them distinctly different expressions, and the angle of the camera really emphasizes their stackability. I can almost hear Sprach Zarathustra in the background!

  8. I vote for “chichone!” by katecarlyle.
    I love the idea of someone staging that photo in the store. Imagine the looks!

  9. Um, um, um, this is hard. I think I like the Bob conga line. They are, like, so cool!

  10. Wow, I’m just shocked and honored to have made the top 20! My vote definitely goes to the little boy with all the hearts- it’s just too cute. :)

  11. Oh wow! I am shocked/awed/honoured to see my cat at the vet as a semi-finalist. So unexpected. The little guy is knit to look like my cat Alistair, who was in quarantine at the vet at the time (we were waiting to pick him up). Knitted cats are much easier to take to the vet.

    I love the blue Stackable Cats (such a great shot), but just in case we only get one vote, I’m going to go with chichone! I love taking pictures of knitted creatures/toys in odd places, so I have a fondness for any such photo. I wonder though, is chichone! planning on sitting there until the eggs hatch or is she going to try and liberate the eggs?

  12. Wow! those are all so amazing!!!! I think my favorites are the stackable cats, clover the butterfull, and the three of hearts in heels. The bob conga line was really cool too :)

  13. I love Matt’s 1st valentines, chicarone, the 3 or hearts in heels, and I could just hear the conga music going when I saw the bob conga line! So hard to decide on one favorite.

  14. Oh my goodness, they’re all so cool it’s hard to pick! I’m going to have to go with Clover and ninjabunzilla. This is so much fun!

  15. my favourite is definetly the bob conga line it made me laugh so much when i seen the photo :)

  16. I’d have to say the bob conga line is really funny. I can hear the music and just picture all the other bobs still sitting in their chairs getting the urge to jump up and join the line. Nice.

  17. Wow, the 3-hearts-in-a-shoe photo is just gorgeous! The composition is amazing,….plus, I love shoes. :-) And Conga Bobs and Eeeeeeeeeeevil (Devil) Bob. Those are my top 3 picks.

  18. #1 Is conga line bobs.
    #2 Is stackable cats
    #3 Is… hmmmmm… Oh, gosh. The desicion is just too hard!
    No!!! Wait!!! The devil Bob gets third place!

  19. I say Matt’s first Valentine’s day all they way (I might be a little bias….he’s my nephew)
    I also like clover the butterful too :)

  20. wow! i’m so honored that you chose Matt’s Valentine’s as a semi-finalist! thanks so much:o) They’re all so cute! I like Butterful, the Conga Line and the Chichone.

  21. TOO, TOO difficult! But I love the color and composition of Clover Butterful; my second vote goes to Bobs’ conga line; and the blue cats are gorgeous…but then there’s so much more!

  22. aaaaa! bunzilla!!! can ninjabun defeat the unnatural beastie. has he been taking his vitamins?

    and little cat waiting at the vet’s…just like my widjie cat.

  23. WAAAAA! I can’t believe my conga line of Bobs made it to the semifinals! I am so honored and the Bobs have been dancing around my room since I told them. ;o)

    All the pictures are great, but I think if I had to choose one, it would be the Three of Hearts in Heels. What a nice shot. Yes, it can be an ad for the shoes…or the hearts!

  24. My vote goes to Matt’s Valentines! I think that the photo is awesome. Shawna’s photography skills are superb! I really like how she uses “light” in her compositions; it really makes them stand out. Also, the contrast of Matt in blue really draws your eye to ALL those adorable little valentine hearts! How sweet and cuddly! ^_^

  25. I’m so excited that my little Devil Bob is a semifinalist! Thanks to everyone who is voting for him.

    Devil Bob reeeeeeally wants to crash the conga line so I’m voting for that photo.

  26. Eee! Clover is honored to be in such good company! Thanks for including my pic in the contest!

    I myself love the blue stacking kitty pic. It’s insanely adorable :)

  27. wow, i’m so surprised and honoured to have made the semi-finals! yay! thank you! =)

    heartfelt thanks to everyone who said nice things about my three of hearts in heels – i love shoes, too. ;o)

    my choice would be clover the butterfull – he is just SO adorable.

  28. oh, i just love the little hearts in their heels!
    (imagine me, squealing with delight as i’m writing this : )

    second would be the ninjabun (how cool is this?!) and third comes devil bob….

  29. My favorites are . . .

    The cat at the vet . . . especially for having the bravery to do that!

    The Bob conga line–great color choices and lots of knitting work, nice plain background that helps the colors pop.

  30. I just love cats at the Vet plus I know how much poor Alastair must have gone through in quarintine .I hope he had that outside view while he was waiting.

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