Honorable Mentions, Round Two

Today, the second batch of photos to receive honorable mention in the photo contest!

Gargle looks at his reflection by the_crobs


The unexamined giraffe life is not worth living.

Bobs build a Snowbob by Moominmama1


The Bobs seem proud of their work.

Butterfull and his pizza by Amy Hammond


Butterfull seems proud of his work too!

Woodins Escape! by kxlolson1


Apparently Woodins are attracted to light—who knew? (I like the one standing guard at the bottom.)

Snail Wash by knittedteacups


This elaborate scene includes a Bob disguising himself as a snail so that he can get washed. Ha!

Chicks by jennysong


Mama Chick nests with her five baby finger-puppet chicks. Awww.

Vintage Reindeer: Christmas in July by kountingsheep


This little guy can’t wait for the holidays! He thinks he’s found a Christmas tree.

How Tubby Got His Bubbles by cspooks


What a great fable!

Bob and The Chicken Legs by gardienne33


This little Bob is having fun with some chicken-less chicken legs he came across. (Check out Gardienne’s entire blog devoted to the adventures of Chicken Legs. It is genius!)

Who’s the father by muffychloe


The parrot wants to be the daddy. Love it!

Congrats to these super photographers! Next up: the first batch of semifinalists.

13 thoughts on “Honorable Mentions, Round Two

  1. I like the snowbob! the other two bobs look like they’re wearing warm fuzzy mittens!. And Thanks! Anna for giving me an honorable mention in round one! I can’t wait to see the semifinalists!

  2. Ooo, thank you for the honorable mention! It’s so much fun to see everyone’s pictures. These contests are a great spur for creativity.

    Astrid, AKA Moominmama

  3. Wow! These are amazing compared to the photos I entered. I highly doubt any of the pics I entered are in the semifinals.

  4. Anna, thanks so much for the honorable mention!! I had totally forgotten I had shared that picture. :) On a morning that I’ve been feeling out of sorts, this is a real shot in the arm. Thank you!

  5. There were seriously SO many more photos that we loved! We could have easily given honorable mentions to 30 photos, but we figured we should draw the line at some point. Otherwise we could run out of bandwidth for posting so many images to the blog!

  6. Whoa! I pity you Anna. It must have been such a hard decision for every part of this contest!

  7. My bird’s a female–so the caption means, if she’s the mother (and the babies don’t look like her), then who is the father? Just wanted to clarify! :)

  8. By the way, great job everyone! I really like the Woodins with the light; it’s so surreal.

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