Honorable Mentions, Round One

Whew! John and I just went through the more than 500 photos entered in this year’s Mochimochi Photo Contest. We are astounded by your creativity!

It wasn’t easy for us to narrow down the photos (we each had to fight for a few of our favorites), so like last year, we’re going to ask for your help when we post the 20 semifinalists later this week. Then, the official voting will commence when we have selected 10 finalists.

But first, we have so many excellent entries this year that we’ve also selected 20 honorable mentions! Today we are pleased to announce, in no particular order, the first ten photos to receive honorable mentions.

Chick Riding a Chicken by Jenn! (knits a lot)


Somehow, the grownup chicken doesn’t look too thrilled to be Chick’s ride.

Cheesy Story by mariannes_stuff


This Mischievous Mouse tries to dispose of some yucky phony cheese.

Tubby by Bitter-Sweet-


Tubby looks right at home on the tile floor!

Breast Cancer Awareness Bobs by The Knitwit


It’s wonderful to see Bobs do their part for a good cause.

Moss Reindeer by rhiannon76


Don’t worry about this Reindeer catching cold—his antlers and hooves are fuzzy-wuzzy-warm.

Eeeek! by Knittygirlie


A couple of Blythes have to think fast when confronted by a miniature Evolving Punk crawling out of the sewer!

Butterfulls by kimberlane2050


Beautiful colorful Butterfulls!

Angry Bob by BadKittyKnits


Bob Sr. is disapproving of of Bob Jr.’s rock ‘n roll lifestyle in this scene. Isn’t that cute? Even Bobs have generation gaps.

Snails on Camera by lulubelleknits


We love the visual pun of this photo. The snails are cute too!

Guinea Pigs Eat Grass by greensausage


Grass can neither run nor hide from these hungry little guinea pigs.

Congrats to these clever photographers! Tomorrow we’ll have the next ten honorable mentions, so stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Honorable Mentions, Round One

  1. I love to bobs in the bra, fantastic idea. I also love the chicken going for a piggy back ride, it made me chuckle.

  2. Awww! Thanks Anna & John!!! I wish I could have contributed more to the contest this year. But sadly my health has got the better of me right now. :(

  3. O My Gosh–If these are the honorables, what will the semi-finalists look like? What a treat it was to see great imaginations at work. Bob and Bob, Jr. (with the spiked collar) had me on the floor, rolling.

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