Photo Contest 08: Semifinalists, Round Two

Now for the final 10 of our 20 semifinalists! We are super-impressed by all of these amazingly cute and funny photos.

Based on the comments you leave on this post and yesterday’s post, we’ll narrow the 20 down to 10 finalists for the official vote next week.

slugs vs. snails (baseball) by giolou


For this incredible photo, the knitter put together an entire miniature baseball game, complete with diamond, tiny bats and balls, and itty-bitty snail and slug players. Then Rainycloud had to come and ruin it all. (Check out the entire play-by-play series of photos in the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group.)

Uh-oh’s! by KnitXcorE


We love the storybook look of this photo, and those Uh-Ohs are REALLY surprised about something.

Stackable cats (red, white, and blue) by Amy Hammond


What could be better than three Stackable Cats? Four Stackable Cats! The knitter modified the pattern for a tiny cat to top things off. Super!

Butterfull Working Out by mjernigan08


Poor Butterfull has good intentions, but his little arms are just to short to reach that barbell! (Well, reaching for it counts for something, right?)

Bobs in their natural habitat by VixHg


These colorful Bobs have made their home amongst thorny briars in this awesome nature shot.

Look Ma, No Hands! by mikkers!


Ta daa! Looper performs an amazing balancing act.

Slug Checkers by denise.y.cheung


Hee hee! I love how focused the cats look on their game. This is a great combination of two patterns.

Butterfull (in flowers) by NuttyIrishmanKnits


Uber-cute photo, and I love the one droopy antenna!

Cat grass by The Knitwit


Definitely a one-in-a-million photo of kitty and Grass at play!

Tubby (and octopus) by PrettyCranium


Tubby doesn’t seem all that thrilled to be hosting the octopus’s bath time, but the combo with hansigurumi’s pattern is genius!

Which of these do you LOVE? Let us know in the comments! Then check back next week (probably Monday) for the big vote!

49 thoughts on “Photo Contest 08: Semifinalists, Round Two

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m having trouble picking just one so I have to say two again! I love the Uh-Oh’s; it looks like they’ve just been busted doing something naughty! And the last photo, with the octopus and bubbles, is fantastic!

  2. They are all so good! My top two are slug checkers and butterfull working out. Great job everyone!

  3. The Uh-Ohs and the checkers!

    The Uh-Ohs because as you said, it kind of looks like it’s from a story book, where they realize something’s wrong. Plus it looks so darn cute!

    The Slug checkers I also picked because it is a very unique way to show off two/three(one for each cat, and the slugs) and because I’ve never thought of playing checkers with the playing peices as slugs.

    Either way, they’re so darn cute!

  4. Chichone
    Clover the butterfull
    3 of hearts in heels
    conga line of bobs

    still going with my earlier vote…
    and adding butterful working out (so cute!!)

  5. 1) Uh Ohs–a fairy forest!
    2) Slug checkers–cute & imaginative
    3) Baseball–intricate, funny!

    Seeing all of these wonderful creations really makes my weekend!

  6. Um, were voting for this batch now, right? Okay, then I like the slug checkers! They are so cool! I would totally play! But, I still like the Devil Bob and Conga line of Bob’s. They are all tied!!!

  7. Okaaay.
    #1 is totally slug vs snail baseball
    #2 is bobs in their natural habitat.
    #3 is a tie between american stackable cats and slug checkers.
    My overall vote?
    SLUG VS. SNAIL BASEBALL!!! It was such a crack up!

  8. baseball! snails vs slugs in the ultimate showdown! i love that the slimey critters for once have found something they love more than rain and my veg!

  9. i love love love love miki’s looper!
    and the stackable cats playing slug checkers really makes me smile… :)

  10. My favorites are the octopus taking a bath and the slug checkers (I can just hear the stackables both shouting out “Go, my sluggy minions!”).

  11. The photo composition of the Bobs in their natural habitat is great! I also like the Bobs in a conga line.

    Maybe I just like Bobs.

  12. I love love love the “uh-oh’s”, it reminds me of something straight out of my imagination when I was little and still enjoyed nature (rather than now…”omg! a spider, someone come kill it quick!!!) I also loved “bobs in their natural habitat”. it’s just so heartwarming :)

  13. As much as I love stackable cats, I have to go with Slug vs. Snail Baseball (co-starring Rainycloud) or Slug Checkers. They’re both so imaginative!

  14. my favorites are bob in the natural environment (what a beautiful photograph!) and the brown which came first egg in the egg department. and congratulations for everyone for their cute and creative projects! :)

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