The Big VOTE!

Update: The polls are now closed! Stay tuned for the winners!

The polls are now open for the 2008 Mochimochi Photo Contest!! Thanks to your help in the semifinals round, we have narrowed the 20 semifinalist photos down to 10 outstanding finalists.

Like last year’s vote, you can vote for as many photos as you want: vote for your favorite three, top four, or more if you like! However, we ask that you only vote one time. (No ballot stuffing!)

Simply check the box next to each photo you’d like to cast a vote for, and then click the “Submit Your Votes!” button at the bottom of this post. Then, check back in a few days to see the winners!

Update: Hi, Mochimochi friends! Official husband and web guru John here. I am loving the enthusiasm for the 2008 photo contest; the votes are really pouring in!

We’re asking readers to be on the honor system and only vote once, and the vast majority of readers do just that. That said, we have a few ballot-stuffers in our midst. It’s easy to tell from the activity log on my end when somebody is voting “early and often,” and I will be deleting all ballot-stuffing votes. So don’t worry, the final tally will be fair and square.

It’s a tight race, so if you haven’t marked your ballot yet, make your voice heard!

Chichone! by katecarlyle

Slug Checkers by denise.y.cheung

Devil Bob by stitchyandcrafty

Snails vs. Slugs Baseball by giolou

Three of Hearts in Heels by lisa-maria

Stackable Cats (Red, White and Blue) by Amy Hammond

Tubby (and Octopus) by PrettyCranium

Stackable Cats (Blue) by Bitter-Sweet-

Conga Line of Bobs by kayk

Clover the Butterfull by

14 thoughts on “The Big VOTE!

  1. i’m in! i’m in! plus, my personal favourite, the tubby and octopus made it, too! this is just great…. congratulations to all finalists! woohooo!

    (can you tell i am really excited about this? =)

  2. It’s nice seeing all of the Mochi’s doing their thing (part of me feels like I should vote for the Devil Bob, but I already turned in my vote).

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