You Bazaar this Sunday in SF

Are you in or near San Francisco this weekend? If so, make plans to visit You Bazaar this Sunday at Golden Gate Park for lots of plush vendors and rotating workshops.


The free event will kick off the Plush You SF Show at Double Punch, which opens Friday, November 7th. (That’s where you can see my couches!)

You Bazaar San Francisco
Sunday, November 2nd
10 am – 5 pm
San Francisco County Fair Building
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

3 thoughts on “You Bazaar this Sunday in SF

  1. Do you remember when you posted about Puffy, the Cuter Polluter?
    You said “I actually haven’t decided what to do with Puffy yet. But you can expect to see more of him soon!”. Well, its been over a year and we haven’t seen him since! Do you think you could post about his adventures? Or maybe post a pattern? Please?

  2. Hey, cool that you remember Puffy! I’ve actually had him on my mind, as a pattern for either the website or maybe a future book. Thanks for sharing your interest!

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