Autumnal Boos

By special request from my parents for a friend of theirs who is a Halloween fanatic, I made some Boos in autumn colors last week. I love them!


In addition to Yahtzee, these Boos are fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The Boo projects up on Ravelry now number 57 and counting! There are so many fantastic pics there that I might have to post many of them before Halloween.

2 thoughts on “Autumnal Boos

  1. I love them too! I really like the brown of the wings, and they look so warm and snug wrapped up in them…

  2. I finally got my yarn for the pundits this weekend! I figured that if I wasn’t felting them that the yarn didn’t need to be 100% wool. I’m hoping to mail a set each out to my BIL and FIL this weekend!

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