Free Summer Pattern Coming Soon

A new free pattern is coming to the Mochimochi Blog later this month!

Here is a peek:


25 thoughts on “Free Summer Pattern Coming Soon

  1. I’ve already created a pattern for knitted bricks. . .maybe it’s more like tangled yarn in a bunch that I throw at my cats but it’s a similar idea.

  2. Whose garden is that? I’m going with dandelions – unless I already knew that which I don’t think I did!

  3. Gayla and Bonney have it right!

    I took the photo in my parents’ backyard last weekend. I must have spent a long time photographing them because I ended up with a bit of a sunburn on the back of my neck…

  4. Aw I was tricked by the marigolds in the garden :( I look forward to the pattern they look super cute!

  5. I knew it was dandelions right away! I’m very excited for this pattern, I have two dandelion-loving little girls who will squeal over this. Thank you thank you thank you!

  6. Awwwww… a new pattern, that could be dangerous! You are so clever!!! :)

  7. Oh, flowers! :D Dandelions? ^_^ yay, I love knitting flowers. They’re so useful as gifts.

  8. Wow! The dandelions are really cute. We must have more than our fair share of dandelions in the area, because I’ve been walking through clouds of the white fluff for a couple of weeks now.

  9. Yay! It’s free! More dough for yarn. I can’t wait for these dandelions :)

  10. i love dandelions
    so cute and fluffy
    the sewage drain behind my house has tons of really pretty dandelions growing nearby

  11. I <3 Knitting thanks to Anna! Srry random but it is true. }:) Heehee devil face!!!

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