Shelley Smith Knitted It Herself

John’s all-time second-favorite game show is “The $25,000 Pyramid” with Dick Clark, so we often watch the reruns on GSN. Check out 80s celebrity Shelley Smith’s hand-knit sweater from a recent episode!

Thank you for You Tubing it, John!

5 thoughts on “Shelley Smith Knitted It Herself

  1. What is John’s top favorite game show? Mine is the Match Game with Gene Rayburn. Soooo funny!

  2. Perhaps this ugly sweater was the demise of Shelley’s career? I don’t even remember her!! For bekeehn; John’s favorite game show is TPIR!!

  3. Uh…. Bless her heart. I think this may be part of why knitters get such a bad rap all the time- that was HIDEOUS!

    I loved Pyramid, Match Game, and The Family Feud, when the cavalcade of creepy hosts were on it (If I had game show network, I’d still watch them all). The Feud now is…. well, it’s lame. Sorry Richard Karn, I still love you (“I don’t think so, Tim”), but the Feud has really had its last hurrah.

    Just sayin’.

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