It’s Mystery Kit May!

UPDATE: Mysteries revealed! The kits sent out in May were the Hot Doggie, Ice Cream Doggie, and Doggie Slider! All are now available for purchase as kits and as a pattern collection download.

Mystery preview kits are back! Through May 31st, buy two kits from the Mochimochi Shop and you’ll automatically receive a mystery preview kit for free!

Buy four kits, and get two DIFFERENT mystery kits for free! Buy six kits, and ALL THREE MYSTERIES will be revealed to you. For free!

What is a mystery preview kit? It’s a kit containing the pattern, yarn, and stuffing for an all-new tiny design. These are new, intermediate-level patterns that aren’t available anywhere else right now! You’ll just need a set of size 1 double-pointed needles and a tapestry needle to get started.

Please note that the mystery kits AUTOMATICALLY COME FREE with a purchase of at least 2 kits (or 2 books, or one kit and one book) through May 31—there’s no need to add them to your cart.

Past mystery kits have included… 

Want a hint? This year’s mysteries are quite a treat, but would definitely be rough to eat…

When you receive yours, please keep it hush-hush if you can, so we can preserve the mystery through the end of the month!

(And yes, the kits and patterns will all be available for purchase in the future.)  

11th Annual Mochimochi Photo Contest: Honorable Mentions!

Many thanks to everyone who entered the 11th Annual Mochimochi Photo + Video Contest! I love that so many of you decided to spend precious hours knitting cute little creatures and making them do weird stuff for all the internet to see. Your creativity is an inspiration, for 11 years running!

Without further ado, here are this year’s honorable mentions! We loved these photos and are excited to share them here. (See full images and credits after the jump.)

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11th Annual Mochimochi Photo Contest: The Video Vote!

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners!

A handful of dedicated knitters made the effort to get their mochis moving for the video portion of the 11th Annual Mochimochi Photo + Video Contest. They are the coolest! We’ve made it easy for you voters, narrowing it down to three finalists—that means they’re already all winners!

Watch the embedded videos first, then for your favorite one OR two in the survey below. The poll is open through Sunday, May 20th.

(Click below for the ballot.)

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11th Annual Mochimochi Photo Contest: The Photo Vote!

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners!

Here is your ballot for the 11th Annual Mochimochi Photo Contest! We’ll leave the poll open through Sunday, May 20th. Please vote only one time (although you can vote for as many photos as you like, and we ask that you vote for at LEAST 2 photos).

Good luck to these very bold and original knitters!

(Click below for the ballot.)

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Introducing Abracadabbit

AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS by knitting a magic rabbit who pulls tiny bunnies and carrots out of his hat AND his tail! (Your friends will probably just be amazed that you knit something.)

Introducing Abracadabbit, the amateur magic rabbit! His trick hat features a secret compartment for hiding bunnies and carrots, and his tail has an opening for stashing a bonus bunny!

Knit Abracadabbit in classic white, black, and red, or make a sweet chocolate bunny with pastel complements.

Get the PDF pattern download at the Mochimochi Shop or on Ravelry.

It was so much fun to design this knit. It’s been a long time since I’ve made an interactive toy, and the size is just right, I think—it feels like a real project, but doesn’t take so long that you want to give up halfway through. (At least that’s the hope!)

THANK YOU to Marilyn for her edits, and to Amanda, Rebecca, and Magon for testing help!

LYS Love: Gather Here

The Cambridge sewing studio and yarn store Gather Here were nice enough to send me some photos of their Mochimochi Land kits on display!

You can take my word for it: This store alone is a great excuse for a trip to the Boston area. It’s been too long since I visited myself, but I hope to return before too long. I need to meet these fat little unicorns in person!

If you live far away like I do, you can still shop online and support them! They deserve your support.

And if your local yarn store isn’t carrying Mochimochi Land kits, why not suggest they get in touch?