Greetings from Mochimochi 10 year anniversary

Greetings from Mochimochi was ten years ago this month!

Ten years ago I brought Mochimochi Land into the real life for the first time at gallery hanahou in NYC. Putting together Greetings from Mochimochi got me exploring a big interconnected world of knitted weirdness, and my subsequent installations at venues like Vogue Knitting LIVE were based on this first one. And it had a working model train!

I couldn’t be more grateful to KOKO Art Agency for making this magic happen and helping inspire so much Mochimochi Land fun in the past ten years.

6 thoughts on “Greetings from Mochimochi 10 year anniversary

  1. Congratulations, Anna! Thank you for sharing Mochimochi Land and its cheerful, quirky, creative goodness! Over the past 10 years, it has brought me joy perennially; the urge to knit more Mochimochi Land objects comes over me almost as though it’s a change of seasons, and I’m always glad for it, needles & yarn ready. Just yesterday, a far-away friend for whom I knitted a candy corn more than 5 years ago sent me a picture of it pinned to her vest :)
    xo ~ annri (woolnest)

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