Cavey’s American Cousins

UPDATE: The auction has ended, so I can finally reveal the full design! Prints are also available here.


I’m excited to be a part of the upcoming show Cavey’s American Cousins!


This is a one-night pop-up show featuring custom Caveys, the original character by Holly of A Little Stranger. Holly invited me to create a custom Mochimochi-style Cavey—I bet you can guess where I went with this one…


That’s right, it’s a gnome-ified Cavey! (The full photo will be revealed soon.) This guy is going to be available via a 7-day eBay auction starting this Saturday, November 3rd, and finishing the night of the show. (See the Hey Cavey website for more info and updates.)

I wish I could make it to the one-night show in LA… I hope some of you who are in the area will turn out next Saturday and represent Mochimochi!

Book Signing at Rhinebeck this Weekend

Guess who’s going back to the Sheep & Wool festival at Rhinebeck, NY this weekend?

This sheep!


Also, me! I’ll be there this Saturday in the author area of Building B with some Super-Scary friends and copies of my new book. (I’ll definitely be there in the afternoon, but I’m aiming to get there earlier if I can.)

I also hope to find some time to pet that sheep. (I don’t actually know if he’ll be there, but I bet there will be a sheep or two available for petting.)

Hope to see you there!

p.s. I’ll have gnome buttons for everyone who stops by!

Mochimochi is Going to NYC Comic Con!

Update: I had a blast at the book signing—thank you to everyone who stopped by! It was a crazy scene, but all the cool costumes and the general pro-geek atmosphere were super inspiring.

I’m super psyched to be going to my first comic con this weekend in NYC!


The tiny zombies are all over it, of course.

I’ll be there this Sunday, signing copies of Super-Scary Mochimochi from 11am to noon at booths 1120/1121. If you’ll be there too, please stop by and meet some of my (not so) super scary friends! I’ll also have a free gnome button for anyone who mentions this blog post.

Now the big question: What am I going to wear???

A Super-Scary Yarn Crawl

I had big ambitions this past weekend to hit up all of the yarn stores in the NYC Yarn Crawl, each of which was hosted a spooky toy from Super-Scary Mochimochi! Well, I didn’t quite get to all 11 stores, but I made it to four, which is more than my monthly average of yarn store visits at least!

Shoppers at Knitty City were greeted by a tall monster who’s more goofy than scary…

Argyle had a Mama Bear Cave in store for visitors brave enough to check out the back of the store…

Brooklyn General housed a weird box monster who was keeping watch over their sewing machines…

And Purl Soho had a Sarcophacat lurking at the bottom of a display table!

I hope participants in the yarn crawl had fun finding these guys and all the others!

My thanks to Phyllis for making this a Super-Scary weekend for NYC knitters, and also to Pearl at Knitty City for hosting a book signing on Saturday!

Book Signing at Knitty City Oct 6 + NYC Yarn Crawl

The Super-Scary events continue as Mochimochi Land’s creepiest new creatures try to take over New York City! This Saturday (October 6th) we’ll be at Knitty City.


I’ll be there from 3-5 pm with my Super-Scary display and plenty of books, so please stop by if you’re in the city! This is not a formal event, so I’m just looking forward to hanging out at one of my favorite yarn stores and chatting with knitters about knitting tiny zombies, mummy cats, and dead toasters. And even if it’s a little far for you, I still hope to see you there because this weekend is also the NYC Yarn Crawl!

The characters from Super-Scary Mochimochi are playing a key role in this year’s crawl: they have the honor of being the must-find items for the scavenger hunt.


These guys will be hiding in the 10 participating local yarn stores around the city, and it’s up to you to find them! Find out more about it all on the NYC Yarn Crawl website.