Tiny Goat, Take 2

I wasn’t totally happy with the Tiny Goat that I made last month (the curly horns just weren’t working for me), so for the first time I’m posting a Tiny Thing revision!


I definitely prefer it with the shortened horns, beard, and nose, so I’m glad I gave it another go. If I were to go back and revise every toy that I think could use some changes, though, it would take months!

Two Years of Tiny Knitting


That’s right—last Friday’s Tiny Firecracker marks two years of knitting tiny animals, foods, people, and other various things. It started with a Tiny Brain on July 1st, 2009, then continued every weekday that month. After that, I was having so much fun that I’ve kept up the Tiny Challenge on a weekly basis ever since.

Some of the Tinys have been more successful than others, but it’s been a rewarding challenge. Coming up with a new Tiny to knit every week has forced me to take a regular break from current projects to brainstorm and problem solve. I’m made Tinys while I was on vacation, while I was under the weather, and while I thought I was way too busy to make time for it. And I’m glad I did! Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi is a direct result from this project, but even if it hadn’t turned into a book, I would still see it as a fulfilling way to spend a few hours each week.

Click around on the image above to be taken to the original blog posts.

Now for the question: will I keep it up? I don’t see why I should stop now—my love for Tiny knitting is as strong as ever—so I think I’ll keep making Tinys as long as I can. Maybe the project will change a bit over the next year, though. I would rather be flexible about the challenge and keep it meaningful rather than continue it just to try to break my own record.

If you’ve ever thought about doing a creative challenge, whether to be documented on a blog or just something to do in private, I encourage you to start today! Make an illustration each week, write a poem every month, or take an improv class. I’ll continue to knit and see what happens next.