Tiny Things

Tiny Steak

I woke up this morning feeling the need to knit a tiny steak, so that’s what happened.


This guy was inspired by “The Ballad of Mr. Steak,” an infectious song by Kishi Bashi that I’ve decided is my official summer jam of 2014.

Now my little steak just needs arms and legs so he can dance California Raisins style!

Tiny Parrot (caption contest!)

This tiny parrot thinks we’re overdue for a caption contest!


Since parrots are better known for their talking than for their thinking, tell us what this tiny parrot’s catchphrase is. Leave your chatty caption in the comments (one per person please) and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday to win…

A Tiny Penguin Kit!


Tiny Butterfly

Update: We had so many great entries that we chose four winners!

Happy March! This is maybe my favorite month transition of the year, because spring is coming. And spring brings lovely things like butterflies!


How about a tiny poetry contest for this little guy? Leave a comment on this post with a tiny poem about this tiny butterfly, and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday. The author of our favorite tiny butterfly poem will win…


A set of tiny mochis pinback buttons from the Mochimochi Shop!

Psst: Extra points will be given for unusual rhymes with the word “butterfly!”

Tiny Dr. Who

My friend Christi is getting married tomorrow! She’s one of those cool brides, so of course she requested a tiny Dr. Who set as a wedding gift. Now that I know she’s opened it, I can show them here…


I’m embarrassed to say that I have yet to watch any Dr. Who, so I had to take to Twitter to find out who Rose is and what her Doctor should look like. Fortunately the Dr. Who groupies really came through for me! I’ve also been flattered to get some pattern requests, but I’ll have to think about this one since I don’t normally make patterns for existing characters. But I can say that they were relatively simple modifications of the other tiny people that I’ve designed.

Best wishes to Christi and her husband-to-be Bobby!

Tiny Squirrel

UPDATE: We had so many great Tiny Squirrel captions that we picked three winners!

The requests have been coming in for years, and here he finally is: Tiny Squirrel!


What kind of squirrelly behavior does a tiny squirrel get up to in Mochimochi Land? Leave your caption in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorite one on Monday. The winner will get the soon-to-be-released Tiny Fall patterns for free! (And yes, Tiny Squirrel is included!)