Tiny Tree

Update: Congrats to our caption contest winners! Also, the tiny tree pattern is now available!


If you’ve noticed a theme to this week of caption contests, you might have guessed that a tiny owl, a tiny fox, and a tiny hedgehog could use a tiny tree for a friend. You would be right!

Hurry up and give us your best tiny tree caption, because we’ll announce all of the caption contest winners later this afternoon, in conjunction with the release of the Tiny Woodland pattern collection. Keep it to one caption per person in the comments, please, then check back later for the winners and the patterns!

36 thoughts on “Tiny Tree

  1. I once was an acorn, small and round,
    lying on the cold, cold, ground
    Someone threw some water on me
    Now I’m grown into a great little tree!

  2. You must understand, it takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish. And we never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say. -Treebeard

  3. This little Giving Tree gives everyone a huge smile and a lot of tiny hugs… It’s just too cute!

  4. “I’ve gotta be tree, I’ve gotta be tree…what else can I be but the tree I am?” (sung to I’v gotta be me)

  5. The tiniest tree in the forest made a new friend while he patiently waiting for his two siblings to hatch.

  6. TIny tree is always well-grounded and his Woodland friends would describe him as being down-to-earth.

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